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Sensual tickling: Mantra for tonight

  • Ekta Oberoi
  • Dec 17, 2010, 18:00 PM IST
Sensual tickling: Mantra for tonight, relationships news in English

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Sensual ticklingYou thought only her nipples could trigger a passionate session in bed. Dude, there’s more…

•    Nibble her earlobes
Outline the periphery of her ear with your tongue. The gentle sucking nibbling of her earlobe is surely going to turn her on.

•    Lick nape of neck
Gentle kissing and caressing on the nape of her neck will arouse her for a pleasurable act thereafter. Tap her down the spine for a relaxed her.

•    Suck collar bone
Kiss and suck her collar bone and limit your affection till that. Don’t dig deeper than that. This also signifies the fact that it’s not just for her assets that you want her.

•    Tap the small of her back
The small of her back is a very sensually stimulating part of one’s body. Tapping and kissing a woman on this part will totally switch on your woman’s erotic mode.

•    Stroke her inner thigh
Add fuel to her fire by gently stroking the inner thigh of your woman. Kiss the inner part of her thigh without moving on to her private zone. Run your fingers up and down her inner thigh and you’ll have her craving for more!


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