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Auto Industry goes for an overhaul, here’s top 7 trends spotted at Auto Expo 2014

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RexNamo Super Cruiser bike
RexNamo Super Cruiser bike

Customization to become the new theme


Customized bikes were something that dominated the bike segment this year. This year saw new competition in customized bike segment, which was not seen in last year’s Auto Expo. Harley Davidson dropped from premium price point to 4.1 lakh this year. The company is also expected to launch another low cost (within 1 lakh) bike by the year end. By the middle of the year Renegade will be here with a similar products. Triumph and DSK Hyosung will also sport similar models. On the premium segment Vardenchi will create ‘aspiration bikes’ with powerful Italian Moto-Morini heart. The Indian RexNamo is also ready for a race against every other brand, and will vroom into the next Auto Expo with a new range.


Not only this exclusive merchandise will also come from most of these brands by the end of this year. Believe us or not, the culture of biking is going to be re-defined this year in India.


[Image source: RexNamo Super Cruiser bike]


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