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‘Dalits still untouchable, deprived in India’

Bhaskar News | Last Modified - Dec 20, 2010, 04:33 AM IST

A state-level summit was held by the Dalit Mukti Sena in the capital on Sunday.
  • ‘Dalits still untouchable, deprived in India’
    ‘Dalits still untouchable, deprived in India’

    Bhopal: Expressing pain over their pathetic condition even after sixty decades of freedom, the Dalit society has expressed regret that it still confronts evils of untouchability and discrimination.

    dalitsSpeaking at the state-level summit ‘Dalit Mahasammelan’ organised by the Dalit Mukti Sena in Bhopal on Sunday, several of its leaders regretted that despite repeated efforts, the discriminations could not be rooted out from hearts of people.

    Adressing the meeting, noted social activist Professor Jogendra Kawade said that Dalits were still the most sanguinary people on the earth. They were still forced to do manual scavenging and people reject the food when they cook for Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

    Ms. Swathi Kaiswal of ‘Jan Pahal’ said that the condition of women was worst as they were forced to suffer on all fronts.

    She said that the women were forced to do all kinds of works to meet their both ends. Inaccessibility to education and other basic facilities still kept them exposed to some inhuman practices like manual scavenging.

    Coming down heavily on the system of caste division, the participants called for some stringent measures along with proper implementation of various schemes to safeguard the rights of Dalits and give them space to live with dignity.

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Web Title: ‘Dalits still untouchable, deprived in India’
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