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Bolly Gossip: This A-List Couple Is Back Together After A Short Break-Up. Pehchan Kaun?

Daily Bhaskar | Last Modified - Aug 21, 2017, 05:10 PM IST

She Is A 'Leggy Lass' While He Is A 'Yaaron K Yaar'
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    Relationships are fickle in Bollywood given how difficult it is to take time out for the significant other. Most times, couples are working in different continents, on the location of their respective movies. And before you know it, there are hush-hush rumours of either or both of the partners cheating on each other.
    Alas! The same happened with this A-List couple when the lady in question found out that her man was getting too close for comfort with another young actress, who was only a couple films old (and nothing compared to the top heroine that his girlfriend is!). The heroine herself was rumoured to be going on dates with a wealthy businessman abroad. Given also her international projects and tight schedules, the couple was hardly able to devote time to each other. This once most celebrated talk-of-the-town couple, pitifully broke-up over a text!
    But now their social media pages are screaming otherwise. It seems that the two are back together to rekindle their lost love and are painting the town red! The couple has been spotted on dinner dates and night outs with friends. Buzz is, that a close friend could have been instrumental in bringing them back together.
    Whatever be the reason. we're only too happy that the duo is back together. Who knows, they will be featuring in hot magazine photoshoots again. Ah!

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