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Action Jackson Movie Review: This movie will test your patience

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Action Jackson is not worth your money.
  • Action Jackson Movie Review: This movie will test your patience
    Action Jackson Movie Review: This movie will test your patience
    We promised ourselves before we entered the theatres to watch Action Jackson that in any possibility we will not apply our brain. Well we didn’t, actually we couldn’t, in reality there was no scope, still it became hard for us to sit for 183 minutes in the cinema hall.
    The plot is as bizarre as Ajay Devgn’s dance moves (Yes, we are still laughing) in the film. Sonakshi Sinha (100 cores ki guarantee ke sath) gets promotion in her company when she sees Ajay Devgn aka Vishi without his pants (Ripley's Believe It or Not!). Now she wants to marry an American guy, so she desperately wants to see Vishi without his pants again (We are speechless, kalyug by god!).
    Now who is this mahapurush Vishi jinke ‘bina pants ke darshan’ se saare kaam seedh ho jaate hai?
    Vishi is a local goon, who beats people, threatens them, but he has a heart of gold (Kitna naya concept hai!!Waah!). So, Sonakshi after several failed attempts to see him nude, falls in love with this mahapurush (btw, this is all serious, no fun here!).
    Happy Ending! No, Wait! Kahani mein twist baaki hai
    Bina pants wale goon ka identical twin bhi hai (Now this is something creative). The twin is dangerous and entire world is after him for some reason. At least, 100 men catch him, but he kills them all (No, he doesn’t have any superpower, it is just natural to him.)
    Meet AJ, the ex right hand of underworld don Anand Raj (All his gang members across the world wear orange suit) and his sister Manasvi Mamgai aka Marina. He left his high profile don-ke-right-hand-wali job because the don wanted him to marry his sister. But AJ is already taken by Yami Gautam. Now Marina needs him at any cost.
    Marina has something weird about her (Either Parbhudheva got it wrong, or something went wrong naturally.) Whenever she is on screen, there is some funny sound in the backdrop (that’s like hehehahahahahehehe in female voice). Why Prabhu?
    Okay, this is not just about her! She talks, walks, eats seduction. She even sings a song for AJ whose lyrics are ‘My Criminal Baby’ (Yes sir, literally!).
    Now there is a 60-minute climax scene, where you will go through 60 different feeling including fooled, bored, scared, stunned, tensed, shocked, again fooled, confused, and run. Actually, the real AJ sends the duplicate AJ to Bangkok to handle don and sister’s combo, but actually the real AJ is the duplicate AJ, and duplicate AJ comes back to Mumbai. Confused! Don’t ask too many question, It’s a Prabhudheva film.
    Now after surviving 10,78,228 bullets, beating 1,20,000 people, and killing 56,000 people, AJ finally gets a blow in the climax, but no pain (Ek baar toh dard dikhao). This doesn’t end here, there is much more.
    Big Question- Should I watch Action Jackson?
    If you want to have fun time with your friends, where bashing the film is all what you want to do. Watch it. Otherwise skip ‘The Criminal Baby’.
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Web Title: Action Jackson has bizarre plot.
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