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Exclusive: Lisa Ray writes memoirs of her battle with cancer, life after marriage

Subhash K Jha | Last Modified - Nov 16, 2013, 04:56 PM IST

Lisa Ray is back in action and loving it.
  • Exclusive: Lisa Ray writes memoirs of her battle with cancer, life after marriage
    Exclusive: Lisa Ray writes memoirs of her battle with cancer, life after marriage
    From going on stage with Kabir Bedi to play Jahanara in the globally acclaimed play Taj to celebrating her first marriage anniversary, actress and global ambassador of cancer prevention Lisa Ray is going through an amazing journey.
    En route to Dallas to unveil her saree collection Lisa spoke exclusively to this writer about her stage experience and memoirs, both of which have given her a renewed sense of purpose in life.
    Said the upbeat actress, “My memoir is getting ready for a 2014 release. I am looking forward to share my thoughts. I shot another season of Top Chef Canada and I'm in talks for a few more acting projects.”
    Lisa is currently enjoying her stage experience with Kabir Bedi. “It’s wonderful! Exhilarating! I am trained in stage performance at drama school in London and there are a few experiences to match the energy, connection with the audience and acting stamina one needs for the stage. With Ta,j we were travelling all over Canada and performing to sold out audiences every night. We had spontaneous standing ovations and the satisfaction is indescribable. Kabir is an extremely gracious and talented co- star. I learned so much by performing with him.”
    While making her presence on stage Lisa’s marriage to Jason Dehni turned a year old.
    Says Lisa happily, “I celebrated my first Wedding Anniversary between performances. Jason is the perfect husband. If I knew marriage could be so much fun and at the same time so authentic and supportive maybe I would have explored it earlier. But I think I feel this because I am with the man who is perfect for me. We have decided to make up our own rules. We still travel a lot, miss each other, but ultimately support each other.
    We are not conventional people interested in settling into a conventional lifestyle which society has created. Every day we communicate about our hopes, desires, fears and promise each other not to stagnate. As a bonus, Jason gets along so well with my dad. As he lost his dad a few years ago, I feel he has been looking for a father figure to spend time with and learn from. When I'm travelling, Jason and my dad hang out together and even go to movies together! My father is also a free thinker who is very knowledgeable about our Bengali culture as well as global events and they have passionate discussions.”
    Travelling to US, she says. “I am currently en route to Dallas to unveil my Ray of Hope sari line which I co-designed with Satya Paul to raise awareness for Multiple Myeloma. We had a very successful show in NYC between Taj performances.”
    Her involvement with Multiple Myeloma, the disease that struck her some time ago remains undiminished. “ I will be beginning a clinical trial for a new technique to treat Cancer and Multiple Myeloma. This will take a few months starting in January. I have to emphasize that while at present there is no cure and I am living with the disease, I believe that I can still live a full and satisfying life. I'm also releasing some old artwork and creating new pieces for a charity auction in Toronto.”
    Lisa remains an incorrigible optimist. “I believe that miracles and break-throughs are available to us, if we make ourselves available to them. I have been encouraged to launch a blog in which I can share my health journey and the healthy changes I have made recently.”
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Web Title: Exclusive: Lisa Ray writes memoirs of her battle with cancer
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