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Finally, Salman Khan forgives Vivek Oberoi

Dailybhaskar.com | Last Modified - Apr 01, 2012, 02:12 PM IST

Salman Khan has finally decided to show his 'Being Human' side to Vivek Oberoi. Click for more.
  • Finally, Salman Khan forgives Vivek Oberoi
    Finally, Salman Khan forgives Vivek Oberoi

    salman_vivek_351There are no eternal friends and no permanent enemies in Bollywood. But, the animosity between Vivek Oberoi and Salman Khan was an exception, for all of Vivek’s apologies went unnoticed by the latter.

    But, things have now taken a U-turn, of sorts. The duo bumped into each other last night, and from what the grapevine has it, have put their past behind. Vivek invited Salman for wine and dine and quite surprisingly, Salman accepted the invitation where Vivek is reported to have asked for a chance to clear the air. Salman gave a patient ear to hear Vivek’s side of the story and now, we’ve learnt that the two have decided to bury the hatchet.

    Incidentally, in 2003, it was on this day that Vivek, who was rumoured to have a love relationship with Salman’s ex Aishwarya Rai (now Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), had called a press conference to alleged that Salman Khan was making threatening calls to him. Post that, Vivek-Ash relationship hit the roadblock and Aishwarya went on to seek solace in the arms of Abhishek Bachchan and later married him.

    Salman’s popularity and box-office success, in the meanwhile, grew by leaps and bounds. He started dating Katrina Kaif and the two are now, even after their break-up, on cordial terms with each other.

    Vivek seems to be at peace with his better half Priyanka Alva but his Bollywood career is yet to take shape. Reports of Vivek being shown the exit door still do the rounds. So, to patch up with the star was his only resort to stabilise things in Bollywood; and by giving Vivek an opportunity for explanation, Salman has certainly shown his ‘Being Human’ side.

    Disclaimer: The above story is purely a piece of fiction and has no connection with the people mentioned above. The story has been written especially to mark April Fool’s Day.

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