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Finding Fanny Movie Review: Experimental yet entertaining

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Finding Fanny revolves around five interesting people from Goa.
  • Finding Fanny Movie Review: Experimental yet entertaining
    Finding Fanny Movie Review: Experimental yet entertaining
    Finding Fanny by now we all know is not that commercial film, where bullets fly, cars fly, and yes humans too fly (and they do without any superpower, watch Salman Khan’s films for reference). We knew what was on our platter even before we entered the theater to watch Finding Fanny, and we came out thriving for more.
    The beauty of Homi Adjani’s film is that despite the presence of popular names, your focus doesn’t divert from the characters of the story. The different lives of the lead characters have been so beautifully weaved together, and the interesting screenplay keeps us guessing where all this is leading.
    Deepika Padukone (Angie) plays role of a widow, whose husband dies on the day of their wedding. She wants to help Naseeruddin Shah (Freddie) to search the girl (Fanny) for whom he didn’t marry for 46 years. She takes help of her snobbish widow mother-in-law Dimple Kadia (Rosie Eucharistica), and the famous painter, Pankaj Kapur (Don Pedro) to find Fanny. Arjun Kapoor, who is in love with Deepika (Savio), also joins the team on their journey.
    Is Finding Fanny a comedy film?
    The director has creatively used humor as a tool to address the harsh reality of its protagonists. Comedy is not the theme of the film, but the interaction between the characters and incidences are extremely funny.
    Who is the star of the film?
    Deepika Padukone, Naseeruddin Shah, Arjun Kapoor, Pankaj Kapur and Dimple Kapadia have given a brilliant performance. The acting is the strength of the film. However, our pick of the actor is Naseerudin Shah.
    Is it for the mass audience?
    This is an offbeat cinema and don’t expect a Singham Returns or Kick here. Also, the language could be a barrier as the entire film is in English. The producers are also releasing a Hindi version of the film, which might attract a larger audience.
    Why to watch Finding Fanny?
    If you like to watch offbeat cinema, and you loved Lunch Box and Ship of Theseus, then Finding Fanny is your treat for the weekend. But the lovers of a typical Bollywood masala film should give it a miss. 
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