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Happy Ending Movie Review: Mostly boring, occasionally funny

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Happy Ending is a mashup of Saif AIi Khan's popular films.
  • Happy Ending Movie Review: Mostly boring, occasionally funny
    Happy Ending Movie Review: Mostly boring, occasionally funny
    There is a scene in Happy Ending where Aanchal aka Ileana D’Cruz bores a group of people with the reading session of her book. The audience has been shown yawning, sleeping and playing mobile games (I am sure Candy Crush).
    The situation in the hall was not much different from that of the reading session, expect for innovative ideas audience discovered to pass their time including running after their toddlers and taking a walk. Yes! This all was happening in the theatre by the end of Happy Ending.
    How is the acting?
    It’s easy to count the number of times PM Modi says ‘mitron’ in his speech, but it is hard to count the number of times Saif Ali Khan has played a character of a careless casanova (this calls for a WOW here). His character Yudi in the film is nothing different from what he played in Hum Tum, Salaam Namaste, Race, Love Aaj Kal, and infinity. But he has yet again pulled of his character really well (practice makes a man perfect, you see). All he needed was a good story, and a controlled direction.
    The lead actress of the film, Ileana D'Cruz, has disappointed with her performance.
    How is Govinda in the film?
    The biggest shocker is for Govinda's fans. Chi Chi comes on the screen only for 10 minutes in the film, which has been promoted as the actor's film. But his scenes are the best part of the film. We wish Govinda could have been there for a few more minutes. Also, he revealed how actors fake abs in film (watch movie for this surprise).
    How is the Direction?
    There are many unnecessary scenes in the film. In one such scene (Trust me it was not required at al), Vishakha (Kalki) tells Yudi (Saif) that she is pregnant. This is followed by unnecessary drama of 15 minutes, and then she reveals that she was lying. After this, the movie comes back to track. Director you could have used Govinda for these extra 15 minutes. Waise bhi, there is a dialogue in the end, ‘Happy Ending ke liye jaldi end karna zaruri hai’. You knew it Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., you knew it.
    The directors have chosen the best locations in the world to shoot this film, we wish they have worked a little extra on the script.
    How is the music?
    ‘Nachcho saare G padh ke’ and ‘Paaji tusi’ will easily make it to the list of peppiest songs of the year. The film has amazing music.
    Big Question-Should I watch the film?
    If you have nothing better to this weekend, book your tickets of Happy Ending, or wait for the movie to come on TV. You will not miss anything, if you miss Happy Ending.
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