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Heropanti Movie Review: Tiger Shroff can do somersaults, but can’t act

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Tiger Shroff disapoints in his debut film.
  • Heropanti Movie Review: Tiger Shroff can do somersaults, but can’t act
    Heropanti Movie Review: Tiger Shroff can do somersaults, but can’t act
    After watching Heropanti, it's not hard for us to imagine the conversation between Jackie Shroff and Sajid Nadiadwala (producer of Heropanti) before launching Tiger Shroff.
    Jackie: Sajid beedu, everyone is launching their kids in Bollywood- Mahesh Bhatt, David Dhawan, Boney Kapoor. Mera beta kab tak sirf martial arts karega?
    Sajid: I will make your son a star, send him to my office. What’s his name?
    Jackie: Tiger.
    Sajid: No! Your son’s name?
    Jackie: Tiger.
    Sajid: Okay, I’ll do something.
    Now, here is what we assume Sajid had told director Sabbir Khan after meeting Tiger.
    Sajid: I want to launch my friend’s son Tiger, write an action packed-Salman Khan types story for him. Make him a star.
    Sabir: Can he act?
    Sajid: He can dance.
    Sabir Khan: But what about acting?
    Sajid: He does unbelievable stunts. We will not need any body double.
    Sabir: Acting?
    Sajid: We will get Aamir Khan to launch the first look of the film.
    Hence there was immense pressure on Director Sabir Khan to project Tiger Shroff as a hero. The director picked the most ghisa-pita plot in the world, and added all the required ingredients to make Tiger a Bollywood Hero. Here are the formulas he apparently followed.
    Bollywood Hero Formula 1: An actor who can beat 100 goons in one punch. Check
    Formula 2: The tile of the film should project him as the most popular Hero. Ek Tha Tiger (Taken), Mai Hoon Na (taken)….'Hero banana hai'….'beedu'…yeh kya panti hai…..Heropanti. PERFECT
    Formula 3: 6-pack abs. But all actors have them these days. So let us do something bigger. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…(we stopped counting).
    *If you can count the numbers of abs Tiger Shroff has, please do mention in the comments.
    Formula 4: Shirtless scenes. One romantic, and many fight scenes without shirt. Check.
    Formula 5: Hard hitting dialogues. There is one dialogue in the film “Heropanti dusron ko aati nahi, aur meri jaati nahi.” Tiger aka Bablu has delivered this dialogue to every character in the film.
    Formula 6: No acting. Good acting proves to be distracting in masla action films. A BIG NO. Please. Let’s even ask Prakash Raj to not distract.
    Formula 7: Story should not make sense. Check.
    Director Sabir Khan has perfectly executed all the formulas. Now, it’s on the lovers of this cinema to decide Tiger’s fate in Bollywood.
    How is Tiger Shroff’s action in the film?
    No doubt, he is the most flexible action hero in the industry, he dances well, but acting is something he needs to learn. In total, he has only given 3 expressions in the entire film.
    How’s Kriti Sanon in the film?
    Kriti Sanon looks beautiful, acts well. She only needs a better director and story.
    BIG QUESTION-Should I watch Heropanti?
    Watch this film if you don’t have anything to do this weekend. We suggest you to save your hard earned money for better films.
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