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Main Tera Hero Movie Review: Two Dhawans, too over the top

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There is no surprise element in David Dhawan’s Main Tera Hero.
  • Main Tera Hero Movie Review: Two Dhawans, too over the top
    Main Tera Hero Movie Review: Two Dhawans, too over the top

    Varun Dhawan’s Main Tera Hero comes with a strong message for the society. It’s time we stop watching boisterous, mindless & slapstick cinema, or the filmmakers will start making films which will be difficult to bear for even 15 minutes.

    Even if you dare to apply your 1% brain while watching Main Tera Hero then the possibility is really high that you might end up walking out of the cinema way before the film ends.

    Director David Dhawan has tried to make us believe that Salman Khan, Govinda, Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar are all passé because there is one actor (who is also his son) Varun Dhawan, who can act (copy) like all these actors in one film.

    Movie starts with Varun Dhawan’s dialogue, “Bhai Kahte hain: mujhpe 1 aihsan karna, mujpe koi aishsan mat karna.”

    No doubt the father-son duo was so much impressed with Sallu bhai that Main Tera Hero appears to be influenced from Ready!. Not just the film’s shooting location is the same, but some action scenes have been lifted from the Salman’s film.

    There was a great chance for Varun Dhawan to establish himself amongst the new generation superstars as the trailers and songs of the film generated too much excitement, but his fans will be disappointed.

    How is David Dhawan’s direction?

    Two Dhawans are too much over the top. There is no surprise element in David Dhawan’s style of cinema now. As a viewer,it hurts, that we already know the baseless lies and the silly excuses for them. Everything has become predictable now. David Dhawan has gone a bit extra mile this time in stupidity. most of the situations and incidents are colossally unbelievable.

    How is Varun Dhawan’s acting and his chemistry with Nargis and Ileana.

    Only and the best part about Main Tera Hero is that the film is high on energy, all thanks to Varun Dhawan. He is naturally a good actor and has a good screen presence. But he has tried a little too much to prove himself in his father’s film.

    If in one scene, he appears to be copying Shahid Kapoor, in other, he looks like copying Salman Khan and Govinda.

    Also, Varun Dhawan and Ileana’s chemestry is something to look for. Out of the two stars which we have given to Main Tera Hero; ‘1’ is for the film and the other ‘1’ is for Varun Dhawan.

    Varun should start learning from his counterparts including Ranbir and Ranveer, or he will be one film wonder.

    Big Question- Should I watch the film?

    All we can say is- Varun, bhai (Salman) sahi kahten hai, “humpe 1 eahsan karna, yeh eahsan dobara mat karna.”

    Five reasons why you should not watch Main Tera Hero:

    1) There is no surprise element.

    2) Varun Dhawan appears to be copying Salman, Govinda and even Shahid Kapoor.

    3) The film is too over the top. The story is hard to digest.

    4) Second half is boring and unbearable.

    5) The humour element is missing too.

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