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Movie Review 3 A.M.: Newest level of bad cinema

Dailybhaskar.com | Last Modified - Sep 27, 2014, 02:53 PM IST

3 A.M.: Just another trying-to-be-horror film
  • Movie Review 3 A.M.: Newest level of bad cinema
    Movie Review 3 A.M.: Newest level of bad cinema
    Bed-wetting scary, goosebumps inflicting, hide-behind-boyfriend’s-jacket-chilling; some of the best horror films of all times have the power to leave the audience in such a state. Alas, all the extremely gripping horror films are made in Hollywood. While Bollywood just keeps trespassing the thick lane between horror and supposed horror. Senseless, baseless, waste of time are only but a few things one gasps at the end of the torture one bears while watching most Bollywood horror films. This brings us to ramble on about yet another pseudo horror flick which has released this Friday only to leave the audience disgusted for wasting their precious precious time. We are talking about 3 A.M. starring Rannvijay Singh, Anindita Nayyar, Salil Acharya and Kavin Dave.
    Sunny (Rannvijay Singh), a reality show host is in love with Sarah (Anindita Nayar), a documentary filmmaker and both of them are gearing up for a happy married life ahead. The problem starts when Sarah gets mysteriously killed in the utterly haunted Rudra Mills compound one night. Sunny, extremely hurt and perturbed by Sarah’s sudden demise convinces two of his friends Cyrus (Salil Acharya) and Raj (Kavin Dave) to enter the haunted mill at the devil’s hour 3 A.M. one night with him to uncover the mystery behind the horrifying tales of the mill. But do they survive the ghostly hour? The film struggles to answer such questions just as the actors keep their banter on throughout the film, leaving no time for the audience to feel scared.
    Seriously, Rannvijay Singh should go back to hosting shows as a VJ because as far as acting is concerned, the man seems to have no connection with it whatsoever. He has done films like London Dreams and Action Replay but continues to be rather juvenile in acting. If there is any good left in the world, Anindita Nayar, the leading lady in the film should look for an alternate career option too. We rest our case.
    There are some films that make you feel like coaxing the director for having made such a disaster. Enough said. Take your cue.
    Why Watch?
    Watch only if you want to see the newest low of bad cinema. This will make Ram Gopal Varma’s horror flicks appear god-sent. Period.
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