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'PK' Movie Review: Aamir Khan proves yet again why he is the best in Bollywood!

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PK is entertaining and has a strong message.
  • 'PK' Movie Review: Aamir Khan proves yet again why he is the best in Bollywood!
    'PK' Movie Review: Aamir Khan proves yet again why he is the best in Bollywood!
    Why we just can’t stop loving Aamir Khan? You don’t expect brainless cinema from him, he doesn’t just deliver entertaining film, but a thought provoking one (always!), and last but not the least there is no body in Bollywood, who could match up to his brilliant acting performances.

    Every bit of Aamir Khan is there in his much hyped PK, which released in the theaters today. We went 30 KM to watch the 9:00 AM show of the film because 9:30 show (which was the first show in our area), we thought, was just too late. And PK didn’t disappoint us at all. In fact, it was worth every penny and minute we invested in the film.
    What is PK all about?
    So what do we already know about PK?
    1) There is an alien
    2) It’s somehow related to God
    3) There is Aamir Khan, who wears weird dresses, and looks weird

    Whether Aamir Khan is God or Alien that you will get to know after watching the film, but all we can tell you is that the film is full of surprise. And it will keep surprising you till the last minute.

    How is Aamir Khan in the film?
    Best part about Aamir Khan is that people are fans of his characters played by him in various films. And people will also fall in love with PK. The actor has added so much charm in this weird looking character, who speaks only Bhojpuri than you might also want to speak and talk like him in the end.
    People in theatre laughed for 15 minutes at length on Aamir Khan’s character. The actor has proved it once again that why he is the best actor in the industry.
    How are Anushka and Sushant Singh Rajput in the film?
    All actors are superb in the film, but if you have to pick second best actor after Aamir, it has to be Anushka Shamra. Sushant Singh Rajput has a blink and a miss role in the film.
    Is PK a controversial film?
    One might find it offensive but PK has good intentions. There is nothing to run down anybody’s religious beliefs. So, before you watch it, keep your sentiments in check, and put your conversional ideas on backburner, or you may too dial a ‘Wrong Number’.
    Some scene of PK, especially the second half, will remind you of Oh My God!
    Big Question-Should I watch the film?
    WATCH IT! This film you will watch again and again on your TV and Laptop. Yes! Just like 3 Idiots.
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Web Title: PK is Aamir Khan's best performance.
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