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Movie Review: Ghanchakkar will drive you crazy this weekend!

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It's not a Vidya Balan film, not a laugh-riot, neither a gripping thriller.....
  • Movie Review: Ghanchakkar will drive you crazy this weekend!
    Movie Review: Ghanchakkar will drive you crazy this weekend!

    To begin with, this is not a Vidya Balan film. By now we have got used to Vidya Balan being all over the place in all her movies. Take, for instance, Kahaani and The Dirty Picture, Vidya was indeed the hero in those. But, if you are expecting the same amount of Vidya-ness in Ghanchakkar, you will be disappointed. This, for once, is Emraan Hashmi's film, and by far his best performance till date. But the same cannot be said for the plot of this film.

    For a thriller like Ghanchakkar, the screenplay of the film has to be gripping from the beginning, and director Raj Kumar Gupta fails to pass the test with full marks. The filmmaker, who has directed hard-hitting movies like Aamir and No one Killed Jessica, leaves a couple of loopholes in Ghanchakkar that can’t be ignored.

    The story of the film revolves around Sanjay Athray (Emraan Hashmi) and his loud Punjabi wife Neetu (Vidya Balan). Sanjay robs a bank with two other thieves and they decide to meet after three months and distribute the money equally. But during those three months, Sanjay meets with an accident which leads to a partial memory loss. Sanjay forgets where he kept the briefcase full of money. Robbers give him a week's time to figure out where he kept the briefcase.

    After blockbusters like The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, Ghanchakkar is a big risk for Vidya. Unlike her other films, the story of this film doesn’t revolve around Vidya’s character. But it didn’t deter the actor to pull off a great performance. Whenever Neetu is on the screen, audience can expect a high dose of entertainment.

    There are some bold and funny dialogues in the film that will tickle your funny bone. In one scene, Vidya Balan unbuttons a part of her dress (a guitar printed on her clothes) and asks Emraan, “Bajaoge”. In another scene, Vidya tries to seduce Emraan and tells him, “Kal carpenter ko bula lein, itni taiyaari ki hai aur bed bhi nahin todoge aaj (while showing him the condom packet).”

    Last 25 minutes of the movie are brilliantly executed and have spine-chilling moments. But the biggest loophole of the film is also in the end. A man who doesn’t have any role in the entire film (except for a few phone calls to Emraan) suddenly appears in climax and kills everyone. The character proves to be a mystery for the audience and there is no answer at all.

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