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Movie Review: Haunted 3D

Swati Bhattacharyya | Last Modified - May 06, 2011, 11:10 AM IST

Movie Review: Haunted 3D
  • Movie Review: Haunted 3D
    Movie Review: Haunted 3D

    hauntedStory- Haunted 3D is set in the misty hilly regions of Ooty . The story is based on a mansion named ‘Glen Manor’ which has a bitter past and a haunted present. Rehan ( Mahakshay) begins to unearth the past and falls in love with a picture and a name. The discovery of truth sets a challenge for him to save the girl in the picture who is already dead.

    Review-Vikram Bhatt surely deserves a pat on the back for executing a sensuous paranormal in 3D format. He takes audience expectation and fascination to a new level by making ‘Haunted’ in 3D format. The spine chilling flick quite fairly manages to scare people as horror and 3D is a scary combination which makes it real. He has created a perception of depth which sets your adrenaline rushing. But at the same time too much of unrealistic material and poor editing makes the film loosely packed which lets your enthusiasm and scary emotions take a backseat at the end. The climax is too melodramatic and boring. It’s a must watch if you are a lover of gritty horror flick with romance as background.

    Story Treatment- The horror flick has a predictable storyline but the way it unfolds is intriguing and full of suspense. The pace of the movie drops in between with the idea of Rehan going back in time (80 years back). The story takes you through love, lust, sex, thrill and horror. The overuse of loud screams and blood stains makes the story little obvious.

    Star Cast- Haunted 3D is Mahakshay’s second stint with bollywood after a box office dud like’ Jimmy’. Though he had ample opportunity in this movie, to prove his mettle as an actor, still his performance is not convincing enough. If you are looking forward to Mahakshay, just watch out for his risky stunts and a 2 min hip hop dance step which may give you a reflection of his Dad ‘Mithun Chakroborty’ grooving to the tunes of ‘I am a disco Dancer’. Debut Tina Bajpai as Meera who was last seen in a reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ is quite fresh, though she could have done away with her screams as it was adding to the pandemonium and chaos of the movie. Achint Kaur as a supporting actress delivers a brilliant performance as she looks quite scary and spooky.

    Direction- After Ram Gopal Verma, another director who is best at spooking people is Vikram Bhatt. For the first time, Vikram Bhatt has presented the spooky feeling in a 3D format. He has directed horror movies earlier with Shaapit, 1920, Raaz etc, but this has been his most ambitious and expensive project as his directorial skills are seen in 3D format. Kudos to Vikram Bhatt for directing a sensuous paranormal which is full of thrill and horror. The film has his signature style which gives you a reflection of his earlier works, only this time it’s in 3D. But the film is loosely packed and editing could have made it much more crisp and spooky.

    Dialogues/Cinematography/Music-The dialogues are not at all hard hitting and spooky. While 3D makes it real, dialogues lack punches which makes the movie little dull and uninteresting.

    Haunted 3D is the first Bollywood horror 3D movie shot exclusively with 3DCC's custom-built 3D camera systems.It is actually shot in 3D like Hollywood flick ‘Avtaar’ so the whole experience makes the viewing very real and spooky.

    The love songs by Chirantan Bhatt are romantic, youthful, breezy and breathes in a breath of fresh air. The moderately paced romantic songs will definitely appeal to youth. The songs may not be extraordinary but it’s quite soothing to the ears.

    Ups and Downs- If you love a gritty, paranormal, violent horror flick, 'Haunted 3D' will surely fulfill your expectations. The whole 3 D feeling in Bollywood is new and fresh which is worth watching.

    It’s not a family entertainer as the moaning screams, sexual encounters may disturb you rather than scare you.




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