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Movie Review: Jayantabhai Ki Love Story

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Movie Review: Jayantabhai Ki Love Story
  • Movie Review: Jayantabhai Ki Love Story
    Movie Review: Jayantabhai Ki Love Story
    Old wine in new bottle is what Vivek Oberoi starrer 'Jayantabhai Ki Love Story' can be best described as. Set in Mumbai, as the title suggests, the film is primarily a love story Jayantabhai essayed by Vivek with the backdrop of crime.
    Jayanta is a small time gangster who falls in love with his neighbour Simran played by Neha Sharma. She is well-educated girl who is a victim of recession thus, is looking for a new job. How Simran falls in love unbelievably with the gangster is the rest of the story.
    JBKLS leaves one uncomfortably numb with the plot which is ultra-boring and offers no novelty. What adds to agony is an intolerably weak screenplay. Like, what makes SP Alex Pandian portrayed by Nassar go behind the bars isn't explained. Jayanta coming to the rescue of Simran each time, takes one to some old Hindi films of 90s where hero would take no time to impress a girl.
    The continuity is another major drawback. Vivek looks funny as he switches to clean shave from a stubble and vice versa at the snap of a finger. Actress Neha Sharma looks gorgeous at some places but overall, costumes at most occasions make her look very funny.
    Amidst these flaws is the performance of Vivek Oberoi, which is surely a saving grace. He as always gets into his character really well. Neha Sharma too plays her part well. Two talented actors Nassar and Zakir Hussain have been wasted completely.
    Overall, 'Jayantabhai Ki Love Story' falls flat and stands no chance infront of another release this Friday, 'Murder 3'.
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