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Movie Review: Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit Nene paint the town pink with Gulaab Gang

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Juhi Chawla proves she's no less than Madhuri Dixit Nene is Gulaab Gang.
  • Movie Review: Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit Nene paint the town pink with Gulaab Gang
    Movie Review: Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit Nene paint the town pink with Gulaab Gang

    For people who’ve grown up in the 80s-90s and could never decide who was better- Madhuri Dixit (no Nene) or Juhi Chawla- Soumik Sen’s Gulaab Gang might ease your confusion, to only prove that one can never compare two actors, who have the same fierce ability to hold audience in a film that doesn’t have a man showing his brawny body.

    The two acts- Madhuri‘s ‘Rajjo’ and Juhi’s ‘Soumitra’ can be tagged as the most straight-faced replies to the people, who think that female actors who are beyond their 40s can’t act or show might on the 70 mm. Gulaab Gang is that movie, which will make women buy a pink sari and fantasise about brutally attacking the male chauvinist pigs in the society and settling scores with men, who have been raping them with their eyes. The film has perseverance and a heart which howls for a change the society ought to undergo and ends on a damp but noticeable cautionary note, which shouts that women of the future might have to go to the hilt to bring that change.

    And for those who are wondering whether they should paint the town pink this weekend, here are some answers to your questions.

    Is Sampat Pal the real inspiration behind the film?

    The controversy and the court case over the resemblance of the movie with ‘Gulabi Gang’ - a group of women activists hailing from Bundelkhand, has only done some good to the movie, the prime reason being the fact that many people have at least thought of checking out what’s created so much furore. As far as the inspiration the makers have taken from the actual group is concerned- the answer is quite a bit. In fact, they’ve re-enacted the entire 2008 episode of the infamous gang taking over a district electricity office in Banda.

    Who fares better in the Madhuri vs Juhi war?

    This is certainly the biggest question which sprung up right at the moment the movie’s promo hit the TV screens, courtesy Madhuri-Juhi’s longstanding rivalry. Well, to enlighten you on the final match score, we’d say, both Madhuri and Juhi are marvelous in the film. While Madhuri is super powerful in her messiah act and is perfect with the way she mouths the tongue-in-cheek Awadhi dialogues, Juhi’s performance, that of a conniving politico whose husband died in unnatural circumstances can actually make any ‘aam aadmi’ go jittery about the political future of this country. But, what’s worth observing is the fact that though a good performance was anticipated from Madhuri, Juhi almost takes the cake away from her in some scenes, surprisingly most of these scenes don’t have many dialogues by Juhi, all she does is talk with her expressions, which was mainly Madhuri’s forte till sometime back. Also, not to miss are the scenes where Juhi loses her cool on being addressed by her name instead of “Madam Ji” and sends a police officer on a long sick leave for not bowing in front of her.

    What about the script/direction?

    The script is as crisp as it can be, barring certain shortcomings in the form of too many characters, which have been created and only end up confusing the audience. Speaking of Soumik Sen’s direction, the film is a more than decent debut for him and he impresses with the choice of a serious subject to open his film career with, instead of choosing an overdone rom-com. On the flipside, we hope he had done away with the uninteresting songs for the greatness of thr subject he was dealing with, but guess the music composer inside him became selfish to be heard.

    Is this the Indian 'Charlie's Angels'?

    If you can ignore the fact that most of Madhuri’s ‘flying ninja-ish’ stunts end with the actor awkwardly freezing in the air before she’s back on the ground, the film seems quite thrilling. Also, Divya Jagdale as Mahi , Priyanka Bose as Sandhya and Tannishtha Chatterjee as Kajri, who form Rajjo’s aggressive militant brigade, deserve a special mention.

    Does the film have memorable dialogues?

    If there’s one thing you would take from this film and remember after years, it will be its dialogues- completely tongue-in-cheek, brutally honest and somewhat double meaning, dialogue writer Amitosh Nagpal has done a fantabulous job by penning something which is so today, not only in the villages but also in the metros. Some of the most memorable ones being-“Upar wali deti hai na Rajjo, chappad phaad ke deti hai aur neeche wali jab leti hai na patloon phaad ke leti hai,” “Neem ka patta kadwa hai, pawan babu bhadwa hai,” “Rod is God,” and “Sangathan ki shakti hai aur akele mein aapki phat ti hai.”

    Can Gulaab Gang be called a paisa vasool movie?

    If you don’t want to miss the fireworks between Madhuri and Juhi, then this would be the perfect weekend outing for you. Also, clubbed with some desi masala added by Madhuri’s colourful ‘sena’ the film is certainly one time watch, if not ‘paisa vasool’.

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