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Movie Review Kick: Salman Khan film only for Bhai's fans

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High on entertainment, Kick lacks a strong plot.
  • Movie Review Kick: Salman Khan film only for Bhai's fans
    Movie Review Kick: Salman Khan film only for Bhai's fans
    Kick is a typical Salman Khan film where one witnesses a blast of charisma exuding from the screen that reaches the audience faster than any acting done by the star. Like all his films, this one too promises an onslaught of entertainment where one enters the hall thinking of Salman’s charm and leaves the hall getting totally drenched in it. Although a far cry from being logical, Kick is a paisa vasool film that will draw the audience from left, right and centre.
    What is the story?
    No prizes for guessing that it’s a boy meets girl, girl resent only to agree story, where the girl’s father plays troublemaker and the boy turns into a devil. But how many of us were expecting innovation anyway? Don’t fret guys, it’s a Salman Khan film!
    Is this only a Salman Khan film?
    Well almost. Although Salman has not done anything Dabangg-like in this one, for those who swear by his appeal, Kick is a must watch for, they would get to watch their God in vivid shades of black, white and also grey.
    Right from the beginning, Kick is sheer entertainment. As much as one loves Salman’s aura and is swayed by it, the script of the film keeps one grounded. Not anything revolutionary, but the plot gives ample chance to Salman to act just as he lets his enigma flood the hall. But, there’s a twist it’s only for Salman Khan fans.
    While exiting the theatre, one gets to be a witness to multifarious reactions. For those who are Bhai’s fans, they were left wanting for more; for those who are not-so-Salman-fans, they were also sporting a sly grin. May be wondering how they unwillingly got swooned over by Salman’s star-power.
    While Kick is a Salman film, Jacqueline has also done justice to her character with whatever little part has fallen into her kitty. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has also brought alive his character. Another surprise performer is Randeep Hooda, who after Highway’s success gets yet another opportunity to actually act after beating around the bush for years. Not that anyone is bothered about anyone other than Salman and Jacqueline, but still we say!
    How are the dialogues?
    Only one line for the dialogues written by Rajat Arora ‘dil mein toh aate hain, samajh mein nahin’ (They might touch your heart, but you’ll never understand them). Most of them are highly exaggerated pieces written only to leave an impact and not justify anything in the film.
    How was Salman and Jacqueline’s chemistry?
    Well, for those who loved Katrina-Salman, here’s a piece of news; check out Kick to see what a wonderful on-screen couple Jacqueline and Salman make. The stunning beauty shall almost take away your breath with her 1000 watt smile. Together, Salman and Jacqueline look like a treat. And yes, with this film Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s chemistry has become passé since Jacky seems to be the newest member of the Khan camp.
    What about Chetan Bhagat’s screenplay?
    Those of you who are not huge fans of Chetan Bhagat’s work, Kick is just an extension of the blown up scenes the writer likes to play up in his books at times. As far as the fans of the writer are concerned- Kick does have a hero, who’s larger than life, much like all Chetan Bhagat works.
    How is the direction?
    Sajid Nadiadwala might have raked in a lot of moolah while producing films for years, but this is the first time when he was helming a project as a director. Although, Sajid could have pulled a few strings in the first half of the film to make things crisper and thus make the film story wise strong, the second half seemed well spun. He has a long way to go before he makes a better film one might say, but who is expecting a grim drama from him anyways?
    How is the music?
    While Himesh Rashammiya has composed better music (remember Namaste London’s tracks?), he has done an almost decent job in Kick. Jumme ki raat has become a chartbuster already, Salman’s Hangover is also a catchy one. All and all, one does not go to watch Salman’s films for music anyways!
    Why to watch the film?
    Because it has Salman Khan. Period.
    Why not to watch the film?
    If you totally despise Salman Khan and are a manager of ‘I Hate Salman Khan’ group, you may give it a miss. In any other case, it would leave you entertained.
    Well, all said and done, if you end up catching the film you’ll have this thing playing on your mind all the time, “You like it or don’t like it, this film is entering the Rs 100 crore club,” try downplaying it with a reasoning and you won’t have an answer.
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