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Movie Review Lingaa: Yet another treat for all Rajinikanth fans

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The film narrates two stories parallely, one from the British period, and the other one from the current times.
  • Movie Review Lingaa: Yet another treat for all Rajinikanth fans
    Movie Review Lingaa: Yet another treat for all Rajinikanth fans
    Today if we have been able to watch Lingaa without pre-booking the show, it’s been purely because we are living in North India. You can hardly imagine seeing a first show of a Rajinikanth starrer, with booking your tickets in advance, if you are in some part of Tamil Nadu.
    Since Lingaa was recently released in Tamil and Telugu, so we had to watch the movie in Tamil language. But, the language was not at all a barrier between the film’s beauty and story. Like his other movies, Lingaa too displays star Rajinikanth’s larger than life character, on the big screen. The film narrates two stories parallely, one from the British period, and the other one from the current times.
    Lingaa (Rajinikanth) is a thief who is helped by his four friends, in his thefts. One day, he meets a TV reporter Lakshmi (Anushka Shetty), who tells him that he is the grandson of King Lingeshwaran, played by Rajinikanth again. She asks him to go to the King’s village, but he refuses. In the meantime, a jeweller tempts Lingaa with a huge amount for stealing Queen’s necklace from an exhibition. Lingaa agrees and steals the neckpiece with the help of his friends. Lakshmi informs the police about this, and they start a search operation for Lingaa and the necklace.
    Now, Lingaa, in order to hide from the police, goes back to Lakshmi and agrees to go to the King’s village. He reaches the place, where he receives a grand welcome. An old person from the village tells about the temple which was constructed by Lingeshwaran. He also reveals that the temple is closed since the King’s absence, and only King’s successor will open the doors on the night of Purnima. The elderly also tells Lingaa about an antique Shivlingam of the temple.
    Lingaa and his friends make a plan to steal the Shivlingam and so get inside the temple. Two guards spot them while entering the temple and tell the entire village about it. The villagers gather before the temple and get the doors opened. And the sight stuns all. Lingaa and his friends are seen worshipping the god in the temple, and the story goes back in flashback.
    Story in flashback (1930)
    Lingeshwaran is a collector in the British government. During a visit to a village, he comes to know about the problems, faced by locals, related to water. On one hand they lack drinking water and face drought issues; on the other hand, their farms are destroyed in Monsoons. Lingeshwaran requests the British government to construct a dam, to solve both the problems. But officials refuse the offer saying that it will benefit the government in no way. The king, who is also a civil engineer, tries to convince the officials, but in vain. He resigns from his job, and decides to construct the dam on his own. He organizes a get together at his place, and the British government gets shocked when they come to know that he is a king.
    Lingeshwaran takes permission from the governor to construct the dam. He successfully builds it, but only faces a problem of land transfer. He then sells his Royal palace to solve it, however, the British government portrays it otherwise and the villagers get opposed to him, thinking that he is conspiring with the British. And by the time villagers come to know about the truth, Lingeshwaran had already left the place. Bharti (Sonakshi Sinha) also goes along with him and the two marry each other.
    Lingaa gets emotional hearing the story of his grandfather and decides to leave the village. The villagers try to stop him saying that the dam is in danger, as a new officer wanted to break the dam and construct a new one in its place. The last twenty minutes, that follows, unfolds the film’s end which you should watch in the theatre….and yes, language will not be a barrier.
    Rajinikanth is worshipped like a god in the South. The film depicts Rajini’s unique style of action and dialogues, which is still very much intact even at the age of 64. Sonakshi looks beautiful in the film. Anushka Shetty and K Viswanath, who are senior actors of Tamil cinema, have given their best in the film. Brahmanand has a brief role where he adds humour to the film.
    It’s not easy to depict 64-year old Rajini, half his age, on the big screen. The S Ravikumar film does not disappoint when it comes to direction. The film has been shot beautifully with Rajini’s action scenes winning the trophy.
    Should you Watch?
    Like every Rajinikanth film, Lingaa too rates high on entertainment. The film’s story is emotional and interesting. It is a perfect blend of action, romance and emotions. You can simply enjoy it with the sub titles.

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Web Title: The film sees Rajini in double roles.
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