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Movie Review: Makkhi

Mayank Shekhar | Last Modified - Oct 12, 2012, 12:19 PM IST

Movie Review: Makkhi
  • Movie Review: Makkhi
    Movie Review: Makkhi

    We’re in the sort of fictional world where laws and police don’t matter. The villain can get away with murder. He can bed any woman he wants, and kill whoever he wishes to. He’s a top construction builder after all. In such a gloomy scenario, you will agree, rebirth can be the only way to right the wrongs.

    This film is also a regional love story. So you know that stalking the heroine is going to be the accepted form of romance. The hero talks to the heroine from outside the house, she can hear him from her bed. He is a next-door neighbour. After two years of keeping him waiting, the girl he fancies finally accepts she’s in love with him. This should be great news for the hero. It isn’t. The villain is obsessed with the same girl. He instantly beats the hero up and stabs him to death.

    Clearly the world has been unfair to the hero. God hasn’t been too kind to him either. Obviously he didn’t earn enough karma points in his current birth. He gets reincarnated as a tiny, measly fly. Or maybe, that’s not so bad, if you wish to wreak havoc and seek revenge!

    “Ek macchar aadmi ko hijra bana deta hai (One mosquito can turn a man into a eunuch)” – that was the immortal line, which became infinitely more popular than the Nana Patekar film Yeshwant. This equally ear-splitting film is in a more direct way, literally about a makkhi (a fly), who announces, “I will kill you!”

    A little fly taking on a mighty villain is of course the kind leap of faith that’s thoroughly entertaining to start with. You root for this champion makkhi, who builds his body doing weights on ear-buds, wears cool goggles, and no repellents can destroy him. The idea is instantly warm and funny. You want the fly to win with flying colours. Lots of hooting and whistling is in order. How long does this amusement last, and to what extent can you stretch this wonderful premise is sadly another matter altogether.

    One of the reasons to explain the immense hype around this flick is that it has already proven to be a huge hit down South. Nothing succeeds like excess, and that is usually the trademark of several South Indian blockbusters that are often way over-the-top for those not used to the idiom. Scenes and performances are supposed to jar by the loudness of it all. The value of a movie ticket is also related to the length of films – “paisa vasool” equals at least close to three hours in the AC. Often when the same box-office successes are remade into Hindi with top Bollywood action stars, the films crack open crores in their opening weekends.

    Makkhi however has not been remade, but only dubbed into Hindi from the Telegu original. You don’t need Salman, Akshay or Ajay Devgn (Bodyguard, Ready, Rowdy Rathore, Singham) to replace the southern super-heroes here. This is because the protagonist is a fly! And that’s a problem. Of all southern remakes, this is the one that could do with being re-shot with larger budgets, re-edited with snappier cuts, rather than merely being re-released. In its original, tacky, raw form, it just goes on and on and on. Beyond a point, you’re not sure if the fly disturbs the villain more, or the picture itself irritates you just as much.

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