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Movie Review NH10: A ruthless film that Anushka Sharma impressively brings to life

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NH10 Movie Review: Kickass performance by Anushka Sharma as an actor and producer.
  • Movie Review NH10: A ruthless film that Anushka Sharma impressively brings to life
    Movie Review NH10: A ruthless film that Anushka Sharma impressively brings to life
    1. To begin with, the plot and the performances in the film are so believable that you don’t even notice Anushka’s lip fillers that much.
    2. Is it a typical Bollywood film? No. In fact, it is very brave of Anushka to have chosen such a project to mark her production debut in Indian film industry which usually serves women dolled up, acting like eye candies in the film. Talk about breaking the mould!
    3. But that does not mean there is no eye candy in the film. Neil Bhoopalam comes in handy to quench your thirst there.
    4. Director Navdeep Singh has made a rather fabulous film that is worth every penny and minute spent in the theatre.
    5. Every young woman who has ever felt helpless, humiliated, molested, and stripped of any grain of self respect on the roads of India would witness a boil in their blood as Anushka goes on fighting, slapping, and mocking goons in the film.
    6. With a lot of bloodshed, lynching, and murdering in the most gruesome manner, it is advised that faint hearted audience do not catch this one. It might leave you hating the world you are living in because if anything, NH10 is quite relatable, thanks to the smart editing.
    7. NH10 does not try to open your eyes towards Honour (or Dishonour) Killing. It does not even send out a message to the general public. No, it does not. Yet, it has you sitting at the edge of the seat as you mentally assign more power to the protagonist to fight, run and fight some more.
    8. If you are planning to catch a light hearted flick to de-stress this weekend, we suggest streaming American Pie online, because catching NH10 would rip you off of any silver lining you might be left with after a tiring week past you.
    9. The music in the film is limited to struggling background score and a few grim songs thrown in to bring in more intensity.
    10. At the end, Anushka Sharma stands as a winner. A) For acting brilliantly in this demanding film that must have left her drained of energy. B) For taking the risk of making her production debut with such a challenging film.
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Web Title: Ten point review of Anushka Sharma starrer NH10.
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