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Movie Review Ragini MMS 2: This 'horrex' is funny and copied from Conjuring

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Ragini MMS 2 is unapologetically funny.
  • Movie Review Ragini MMS 2: This 'horrex' is funny and copied from Conjuring
    Movie Review Ragini MMS 2: This 'horrex' is funny and copied from Conjuring

    In the climax, the ghost aka Sunny Leone, who is dressed in a lingerie, tells the male lead in her scary voice, “kya hua Satya, you want to f**k me, aa na (come). F**k me, f**k me.” The ghost of Ekta Kapoor’s latest offering Ragini MMS 2 is unapologetically funny. The ghost (Sunny Leone) roams around in bikini, strips in pool and also likes to make out and kill people.


    This (so called) horror film is so bad in so many ways that you should watch it to know the lowest level of cinema, and make fun with friends.


    Our sources informed that Ekta Kapoor asked her director to re-shoot the 70% of the film, and now we know why. The concept of the film has been lifted from Hollywood flick Conjuring, and the climax is scene to scene copied from the 2013 Hollywood flick.


    The cinema hall where we watched the film was 80% vacant, and we were not scared in most of the parts. In fact, we couldn’t control our laughter is some scenes.


    Is Ragini MMS 2 erotic? How is Sunny Leone?

    It has to be seen to be believed- something which we do not recommend. We have been forced to believe that Ghost (just because she is Sunny Leone) seduces her target, goes to pool, strips and then kill him. That too when she is possessed by an agayakari (we assume) Marathi ghost.


    In the beginning of the film when Rocks (Parvin Dabas), who is playing a director in the film, introduces Sunny Leone, he clearly gives a message, “we are going to make Horrex (Horror + Sex), Ragini MMS 2.”


    She has not disappointed her fans. The actress has slept with all the male actors in film, except for the guy she loves in the movie. She has also kissed one girl. It has everything one expects from Sunny Leone. From erotic love making scene to moaning scene to vulgar dialogues.


    “Tumnhe mujhe chair se band diya, ab teeno ek sath mere upar chadoge? (You three have tied me to the table, now will you come together on me”, Sunny Leone tells people who survive her attacks then also air kisses them.


    After her two films, we all know that people don’t expect Sunny Leone to act. But director and producer played a trick here. Sunny Leone is playing Sunny Leone in the film. Surprise!! Really!


    Does it scare you?

    Sunny Leone’s horrex film is unapologetically funny. Nothing more!


    How is the music?

    Music is peppy and pushes you to dance, however, it doesn’t go with the theme of the film. There is one romantic song in the film, which was not required.  


    BIG QUESTION- Should I watch Ragini MMS 2?

    For all the Sunny Leone fans- Go  to Google, search Sunny Leone, you will get better content. Horror lovers, please buy The Conjuring’s CD. We don't recommend this film.

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