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Movie Review: Rang Rasiya is an aesthetic saga of our hypocritical attitude towards art

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Rang Rasiya walks one through the rights and wrongs of a confused art loving society.
  • Movie Review: Rang Rasiya is an aesthetic saga of our hypocritical attitude towards art
    Movie Review: Rang Rasiya is an aesthetic saga of our hypocritical attitude towards art
    Rang Rasiya is a film about an artist and his art, a film about aesthetics, and a film about love gone wrong. The controversy that the film was groped by for a fairly long period of time is exactly what the plot of the film conveys. An otherwise open society that thrives on the popularity of architectural marvels like Khajuraho, looking beyond its representation of sexual desires and postures but considers sex a taboo. A society that has no problem in worshipping a Raja Ravi Varma painting that has given goddesses a face, but burns the artists’ effigies the moment it realises that the face in the painting is inspired by a muse of the artist.
    It was 19th century when Indian gods were first given a face of their own. The features, and the sense organs much like that of a human being, only with a godly luminance. His art was celebrated by not just the kings but also the commoners who saw and worshipped gods in his painting. But it was not to be. His paintings of goddesses had a borrowed face- that of his muse Sugandha who was secretly in love with him.
    How was the direction?
    Ketan Mehta is known for films like Mirch Masala, and Maya Memsaab where the portrayal of characters is very close to reality. This 19th century tale of the renowned artist Raja Ravi Varma is highly believable for the kind of treatment given by the director to the plot. Right from forming the basis of the characters, and the sets to the various elements at play, Ketan Mehta has done job which must be appreciated.
    How was the acting?
    With Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen in the lead, the film tends to be weak at a few places. This must be noticed that originally Rang Rasiya was to release in 2008, which was a phase where Randeep was still finding feet in the industry and was not so confident about where he exactly stood. This becomes pretty apparent in many sequences in the film. Nandana Sen has tried to adapt to the needs of the strong character of Sugandha well, however, her accent snatches away the scope of admiration for her acting mettle.
    How was the music in the film?
    For a film like Rang Rasiya that trails one through that era when cinema was still at the brink of marking its way in India, music was a fairly important element. Sandesh Shandilya has done a decent job at the soundtracks that feature beautiful classical symphonies.
    Why watch Rang Rasiya?
    Watch it if you have a thing for history, to know how Dada Saheb Phalke played a prodigy to Raja Ravi Varma and of course for the aesthetically rich treatment of the plot.
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Web Title: The film is directed by Ketan Mehta.
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