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Movie Review: Here is what is ugly about Fugly

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Jimmy Shergill is the star of Fugly.
  • Movie Review: Here is what is ugly about Fugly
    Movie Review: Here is what is ugly about Fugly
    It is not hard to imagine about the discussion between the lead actors of Fugly when they watched the film together.

    FUGLY team: First scene

    Mohit Marwa: Hey dude, did you see that shot. Me and my bullet. Girls will die at my looks
    Vijender Singh: Baladko humaar scene ka wait na ho raha ke. Fir dekhe hain ki pe flat hongi choriyan. Idde expression ki baari aa laan de, fir bodiyo
    Kiara Advani: Girls flat on you guyz, huh! Shaakal dekho mirror mein
    Jimmy Shergill: Lol
    FUGLY team after 45 minutes
    Vijender Singh: Bhai kuch na samjh aata, ki hone lag raha hai
    Kiara Advani: Stop it
    Mohit Marwa: My looks dude, hot
    Jimmy Shergill: Rofl
    FUGLY Team just after the interval
    Vijender Singh: Kyon na film ka naam Rang De Basanti 2 raakh de
    Kiara Advani: We got Salman Khan to dance for us, we can’t name it Rang De
    Basanti 2. Also Akshay Kumar is the producer
    Mohit Marwa: My looks. Man
    Vijender Singh: Chore acting bhi kaar leta
    Jimmy Shergill: Hahahaha
    FUGLY Team during the climax
    Mohit Marwa: Looks, Looks, Looks. I think Shah Rukh Khan will get impressed after seeing my performance.
    Kiara Advani:
    Vijender Singh:
    Jimmy Shergill:
    Review: Yes! We all agree that Jimmy Shergill is a good actor, but while watching Fugly, for a moment we thought that he was a LEGEND. In fact, in that moment we were forced to believe that he is a better actor than Robert De Niro and Amitabh Bachchan. No wait! We have not lost our mind. All other actors in Fugly were so bad that Jimmy Shergill appeared to be the god of acting.
    There was debutant Mohit Marwa in Fugly, whose expressions (trust us) didn’t change even for a second throughout the film. It was hard to judge from his face whether he was happy or sad, or wanted to cry. We thought no one informed boxer turned actor Vijender that he was shooting for a film, and not giving any TV interview. Arfi Lamba, who played the character of a dumb businessman, was expected to tickle our funny bone. But unfortunately everyone else made us laugh (unintentionally though), Arfi Lamba only annoyed us.
    Fugly is an impressive tutorial for everyone who wants to speak in Haryanvi. However, what we found strange here was that there were only two Haryanvi characters in the film, but everyone appeared to be speaking the language. Anyone, who doesn’t live in Delhi, might think after watching the film that Delhi’s native language in Haryanvi, and everyone is an eve teaser here.
    Now comes the story. Rang De Basanti bhi hai, Shaitaan bhi hai, Youngistaan bhi hai. There are endless questions you might want to ask the makers of Fugly after coming out of the film. The questionnaire might have more pages than the script of Fugly. There are endless flaws and plot seems to have been copied from many films. Kabir Sadanand’s direction has many loopholes.
    Apart from Jimmy Shergill, we also loved a couple of songs and the background score.
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