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Mr. X Movie Review: Pointless, artificial and replete with loopholes

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You want one good reason to watch Mr. X this weekend? We will give you 10 of them for why you should not watch it. Read ahead.
  • Mr. X Movie Review: Pointless, artificial and replete with loopholes
    Mr. X Movie Review: Pointless, artificial and replete with loopholes
    1. It is a shame that in a day and age when Indian audience has grown to admire good cinema that nudges you to think, may be have a hearty laugh, or simply feel good about life, there are filmmakers who are still churning out pathetic and baseless films like Mr. X.
    2. Acting wise, there is no saving grace in the film. Every actor has a role to play in the making of a film that stands so low on the performance meter and topping the charts is Amyra Dastur, followed by Arunoday Singh and Emraan Hashmi.
    3. Loopholes, loopholes and some more loopholes. This 2 hr 14 min film is as bad as it gets. Right from the first 15 minutes of the film to the last scene, there is not a single sequence where one does not see pointless things happening; a classic example of how editing of a film should not be done.
    4. There is nothing much in the name of graphics in Mr. X so let’s not even start comparing it with the Hollow Man of Hollywood. As for India’s first invisible man Mr. India, all we can say is, Vikram Bhatt, the director of the film can learn a great deal from acclaimed director Shekhar Kapur.
    5. Rest assured, if nothing else, watching Mr. X would definitely make you feel so small that you would be left doubting your IQ for having chosen such a film to watch.
    6. Music in the film is just about okay. As they say, the only decent thing about most Emraan Hashmi films is the music.
    7. Talking about Emraan Hashmi, we are not angry with how he acted in the film. We are rather angered by the fact that he did such a fantastic job in Dibakar Banerjee’s Shanghai which led us to think, the man can act, and how! And then he went and signed a film like Mr. X. Just why is he doing that to himself?
    8. Disappointment also lies in the fact that Mahesh Bhatt, who is critical about perhaps everything in the world (mostly for all the right reasons), is the producer of this film.
    9 .Why watch? Watch it if the doctor has advised you that watching bad films is the only thing that can save your life.
    10. We suggest, streaming Mr. India online and re-living your childhood as you witness an invisible man fighting the wrong around him. Even the evil Mogambo from the film brings a smile to the faces.
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