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Movie Review Ram-Leela: A lust story amid bloodshed & Bhansali's extravagance

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SLB is back with his USP - a blend of raunch, ras and rang in beautiful frames
  • Movie Review Ram-Leela: A lust story amid bloodshed & Bhansali's extravagance
    Movie Review Ram-Leela: A lust story amid bloodshed & Bhansali's extravagance

    No doubt Ram-Leela has a glamorous Deepika Padukone and a chiselled Ranveer Singh, but the real star of the film is director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Watching a Bhansali film without huge expectations is impossible. Grand sets, larger than life story, unbelievable cinematography have become his signature style. Ram-Leela is a visual masterpiece from Sanjay’s closet - so much so that the story comes second when it comes to grabbing your attention. Ram-Leela is a roller coaster ride where there is bloodshed, guns, betrayal, politics, murder, and oh, yeah, love too. Once upon a time in Bollywood, love used to be naive and deep, but after watching this film you will realize how lethal it can get. We've heard a lot of rumors about Ranveer and Deepika’s real life chemistry, but their on-screen chemistry is even hotter. There are about half a dozen kiss scenes between the two in the script (obviously, the "story demanded it", no?), and the actors seem to have delivered them with ease.

    You will witness a transformed Deepika in this film. She has never looked this beautiful before, neither did she act (this well) in any of her films. Another actor without whom it is impossible to imagine Ram Leela is Supriya Pathak. Her character in the film is sinful and she has delivered it with such perfection that you might start hating her after coming out of the cinema hall. Ranveer Singh is good in most parts of the film, but he appears to be trying too much to justify his role. The story is about Ram and Leela who belong to two different communities Rajadi and Saneda respectively. The rivalry between the two is about 500 years old and killing is common in their village. The problem starts when Ram and Leela fall in love with each other and the battle of guns start.The film narration is extremely engrossing, however, watch Ram-Leela with caution. There is enormous blood and gore in all the revenge and avenge games. If such violence troubles you, beware. Here are 5 things we liked about the film:

    Trust Sanjay Leela Bhansali for what he does best - blend raunch, ras and rang in magnificent frames. This is technically and artistically another beautiful and colourful film after Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Yes, there are extravagant sets, colourful backdrop and the larger-than-life song and dance sequences, replete with bedecked village belles matching their steps to the traditional dhol. SLB's signature style 'look' of the film often sweeps you off your feet.

    How bold can you get in portraying a village belle? Ask Bhansali, whose Leela lip-locks with Ram in their very first meeting. Kathiyawadis will meet their women's boldest avatar in Ram-Leela, who flirts, elopes, makes love, revolts, disobeys without fear and shame. Leela stands by what she believes in - Love. Also, for Leela, arms and ammunitions are routine features of her daily life.

    We certainly like the Geography of Bhansali films (the beautiful, alice-in-wonderland type village, the streets, just everything), but the 'Chemistry' is no less engaging. Ranveer-Deepika are seen lip-locking quite often and there's a bedroom scene too -- along with romantic number playing in the backdrop. Sizzling, audience-gathering formula, no?

    Ranveer's six-pack abs look not a product of gym but of authentic hard labour of a villager's village life. Despite the looks, he has worked very hard to delve into his character. This film might as well bring Ranveer a step closer to being recognised as a talented actor.

    But neither Deepika nor Ranveer are the backbone of the film, Goliyon ki Rasleela, Ram-Leela wouldn't have been the film it is, had it not been for Dhankore, played by the talented Supriya Pathak.

    BUT, BUT.....

    However, few complaints remain, the songs appear random and jarring at many points in the film and so do the loud noise of blazing guns. Had Bhansali fine-tuned the drama a bit, Ram-Leela would have scored much higher in the critics' report card.

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