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REVIEW: Murder 3

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REVIEW: Murder 3
  • REVIEW: Murder 3
    REVIEW: Murder 3
    ‘What is so noxious about Vishesh Bhatt’s ‘Murder 3’?’ is likely to be one of the questions you will ask yourself once the flick finishes. Randeep Hooda’s weird hairdo? Aditi Rao Hyadri’s bizarre way to test beau’s loyalty quotient or Sara Loren’s acting skills?
    If you are an avid fan of reality TV, it won’t take you very long to spot striking resemblances between Vishesh Bhatt’s ‘Murder 3’, ‘Bigg Brother’ (also ‘Bigg Boss’) and ‘Emotional Atyachar’. Wondering what are the similarities like? Well, to begin with, the concept of ‘testing partner’s loyalty’ and ‘secret room’ around which the movie revolves will make you wonder if you took time out of your busy schedule to watch a flick which had nothing unknown to explore. Just when you are about to believe nothing great is in store, the film unfolds its so-called spooky moments.
    But those, who take interest in international cinema and have had the chance to watch Spanish thriller ‘The Hidden Face (La Cara Oculta)’, will have no qualms in marvelling Vishesh’s ability to use the film and Indianise it in a somewhat impressive way. But make sure you don’t decide to watch this flick assuming it to be a typical thriller which ought to be action and suspense-oriented for the flick won’t live up to your expectations!
    The plot isn’t complex - Vikram (Randeep Hooda) a wild-life photographer and his beau Roshni (Aditi Rao Hydari) shift from Cape Town to Mumbai for Vikram’s successful professional life. His life turns topsy-turvy when Roshni, unconvinced about his allegiance, suddenly abandons him with her thoughts recorded in a video message.
    Vikram believes something's devious about her decision and reports to the Police authorities. They in turn think he is responsible for her unexpected absence. He doesn't care about the allegations levelled against him and continues to find out Roshni. Just when you think he is a trustworthy lover, he leaves you disappointed when he almost immediately falls for bar-girl Nisha (Sara Loren).
    It is when Nisha begins to stay in Vikram’s palatial house that viewers find moments which take them to the edge of their seats. For instance, weird sounds from taps and showers turning shockingly hot.
    As far as the filmy twists are concerned, they play an instrumental role in building up tension, suspense and expectation of things to come. While there is nothing great about Randeep Hooda’s acting skills and Sara Loren proves there is nothing to look forward to her, Aditi Rao fares well. All in all, the film is a one-time watch as it provides thrills from several circumstances which have been presented in the story. But we will still suggest don’t opt for the film if you are expecting it to be hailed as one of the best thrillers.
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