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Sachiin of 'Aazaan' drives for perfection

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Sachiin of 'Aazaan' drives for perfection
  • Sachiin of 'Aazaan' drives for perfection
    Sachiin of 'Aazaan' drives for perfection

    dab_6029_380A big fan of slick, fast paced international cinema Sachiin Joshi is ready to bring to Indian audiences a never seen before suspense thriller titled 'Aazaan' – A country…A conspiracy…A common man.

    The actor/producer makes his big Bollywood debut in Prashant Chadha’s 'Aazaan' that sees him play an informant who has to go undercover beyond enemy lines to save the country from the threat of biological warfare.

    Sachiin Joshi known for his drive for perfection worked hard for his role in the film. Says Sachiin "The film is a fast paced thriller so I had to work hard on my stamina and physique..since there are a lot of action scenes in the film and at other times we'd be shooting in freezing temperatures....I trained extensively in Krav maga and Kalaripayatu and the results are for all to see on the big screen"

    In fact Sachin pushed his limits as an actor and shot a torture scene in Marrakech,Morocco bare –bodied for 12 hours at a stretch at a temperature of 0 to -4 * Celsius .

    Says a source “Sachin Joshi wanted to get a scene right and was willing to test his endurance levels at the cost of shooting for 12 hrs at a stretch in a basement of a fort in Marrakech called Badii – the temperature out there would vary from 0 to -4 degress Celsius and to add to that he was bare-bodied.However his drive is remarkable since he managed to shoot an action scene immediately after minus complaints and had everyone on the sets very impressed."

    Shooting for the film wasn’t an easy task as director Prashant Chadha confirms “This is a very demanding film both for the cast and the crew. We have shot in subzero temperatures in Poland,France and Germany and the difficult terrain of Morocco,Sudan and Algeria...The film is Aazaan Khan’s journey to save his country from a conspiracy that has a “made in China” tag on it and to perhaps redeem himself of his guilt ridden past. The threat is biological; the deadly ebola virus with a fatality rate of 90.Aazaan is an edgy, kinetic film with its heart in the right place.”

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