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TV Review:Satyameva Jayate touches the untouchables!

Esha Razdan | Last Modified - Jul 08, 2012, 03:04 PM IST

TV Review:Satyameva Jayate touches the untouchables!
  • TV Review:Satyameva Jayate touches the untouchables!
    TV Review:Satyameva Jayate touches the untouchables!

    satyamev921_f_288After tackling almost all the prevailing burning issues of the society, Satyamev Jayate this week touched upon the topic of ‘Untouchables’ or in other words Shudra. Unlike some grave issues like Corruption in Medical industry, the plight of low-caste people in India isn’t new to the audience. Nevertheless, SJ still brought the topic with novelty but this time around, it was not a flawless attempt.

    Good things first. And the first and foremost aspect which rang a bell was the fact when the host Aamir Khan brought to light the casteism which suprisingly also exists in Muslim, Christians and Sikhs communities. Usually the word discrimination on the basis of cast, creed and race was always associated with Hindus. Through the eyes of documentary filmmaker Stalin K, Khan put forth a new discovery.

    Stressing the need for amendment in the thinking process among upper-class who has always dominated the lower class, Aamir also brought different point of views from both the classes which added flavour and the needed balance to the show.

    There is however a flip side too as the show looked low on energy level barring few instances where Justice Dharmadhikari, a veteran freedom fighter with his strong views and sense of humour gave the show a little momentum.

    It came across as a slow docu-drama unlike all the power-packed high intensity episodes, Aamir had got for his fans ever since SJ took off. The strong views by the youngsters in the end followed by a beautiful song composed by Ram Sampath were again a saving grace.

    The duration of the show which is almost two hours seemed like ages with no extra efforts from Aamir’s end gave it a dull look.

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Web Title: Tv review:satyameva jayate touches the untouchables!
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