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West Is West

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'West is West’ is entertaining but it doesn’t offer anything new.
  • West Is West
    West Is West

    west_1_797_01Story:‘West is West’ is a sequel of the globally acclaimed British comedy drama ‘East is East’ moves from England to Pakistan. The story revolves around Sajid (Aqib Khan) who is a victim of identity crisis as his father is Pakistani George Khan (Om Puri) and British mother Ella (Linda Bassett). Sajid’s problems begin when he is forced to accompany his father to Pak and are compounded when his is told that he will have to live in Pakistan for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, George meets his first wife Basheera Khan (Ila Arun) and his daughters after 30 years. What will George do with his Pakistani family and how Sajid will deal with the cruel blow dealt to him by fate form the crux of the story.

    Review: It is always hard for the sequel of a hugely successful film to be able to live up to expectations (Hangover 2 is a case in point) so while West is West’ is entertaining it doesn’t offer anything new. All the various aspects of the film like the identity crisis, betrayal in a family etc have been dealt with before. Also the oversimplicifaction tends to get on one’s nerves. However, there are some stellar funny moments courtesy of the brilliant cast who make this light film worth watching.

    Story Treatment: The filmmaker induces life in a thin storyline with impressive dialogues and screenplay. The awkward moments of the confrontation between Basheera-Ela and George-Basheera are entertaining.

    Star Cast: Om Puri is as good if not better than he was in East is East. Ila Arun seamlessly moves between her roles as an angry betrayed to forgiving wife. Aqib Khan is top-notch. Linda Bassett and Emil Marwa play their part well.

    Direction: Andy DeEmmony has surpassed Damien O'Donnell, the director of the prequel with a brilliant performance. The direction is gripping despite poor plotline. Although the film loses some of it’s grip and relevance as it releases almost a decade after East is East.

    Music/ Cinematography/ Dialogues/Editing: Music is situational and soothing. Cinematography is pleasant. Dialogues are the USP of the movie. However, the editing could have tighter.

    3 Ups and 3 Downs:‘West is West’ boasts off some brilliant performances, impressive dialogues. The biggest drawback is thin plot. Also, due to the British lingo, it gets restricted to niche audience.

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