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Get SMART for just Rs. 3999! Spice Mobile launches Smart Pulse M9010 smartwatch

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India's first smartwatch launched at Rs. 3999, challanges LG and Samsung
  • Get SMART for just Rs. 3999! Spice Mobile launches Smart Pulse M9010 smartwatch
    Get SMART for just Rs. 3999! Spice Mobile launches Smart Pulse M9010 smartwatch
    In the midst of biggies like Samsung, LG, Apple (rumoured to be working on iWatch), Spice debuts its own Android powered smartwatch. The Spice Smart Pulse M9010 has been launched this week at a price of INR 4999. The watch will come for sale at a price of INR 3,999.

    The Smart Pulse M9010 comes as a dual-sim watch with a 4cm touch screen. The watch works as a secondary device for the smartphone. It has got phone functionalities like making and receiving call. The watch allows you to read and write SMSes, browse web, make calls, and be on two different network (just like you do on your phone) easily.
    The 4cm display is quite capable of playing video. Yes, the watch support mp4 and 3gp formats. Other specs of the Smart Pulse M9010 are 8 GB internal memory and 420 mAh battery.

    There is a digital camera on watch (image size not mentioned) with remote camera capture functionality. The watch can also be used as a tool to begin music streaming as it is powered with an Audio Player and an FM Radio.
    Supported smartphones
    Whether the Watch is powered by Android OS or not is not mentioned by Spice mobiles. The watch however communicates with Android OS phones (via Bluetooth) for which the company will ask you to download one .apk file called Bluetooth Notification. Spice did not mention which Android OS this watch will support, but since it supports connectivity via Bluetooth, we will understand that after you get the .apk file the watch will be able communicate with the phone. That is, almost every Android smartphone with Bluetooth could be paired with the smartwatch. No need to pick a smartwatch and look for an appropriate phone that supports it!
    Galaxy-like looks
    Don’t you think, the Spice watch looks like the Samsung Galaxy Gear launched last year? Look at the picture on the left side. The smartwatch echos the Galaxy Gear style but appears more simple wearable device.

    This is the first smartwear in the Indian market by a domestioc manufacturer and the price point of 4,999 INR, it does seem great. The competing smartwear take a price point that is almost three times the Spice offering. We will overlook the looks of the watch, in favorof its pricing.

    Samsung recently launched its Gear smartwatches in India, at prices above INR 15,000, and LG is selling its G Watch at INR 14,999. Spice raises hopes of making affordable smartwatches with the Smart Pulse M9010 as it kickstarts the revolution in India to launch these wearables. The launch price itself announces that they will be cheaper in months to come. This, we think is a good development.

    For smartphones, they took more than a decade to become affordable and fit every pocket (the trend continuing till date). First smartphone was launched in year 1999, and the revolution of budget-smartphone is yet to unfold. We will see it going truly budget friendly when after the Android One and Mozilla Firefox smartphone launches later this year.

    The Spice watch, as the first domestic launch tends to rejig the future market of these wearables in coming two years. With most companies ready to launch their watches into the market this year, the price point of Smart Pulse M9010 is a strong competitor. The next tech destination is unfolding soon. READ - Watches and Cars: The next tech destination
    What more in offer?
    Making the deal attractive to you Spice mobiles offers free Bluetooth headset with the watch for seamless interaction between phone-watch-and-you. For the style freak in you can couple the watch with colored wrist bands in 3 different colours.
    Laucnhed at an maximum retail price of INR 4,999, the smartwatch will come for sale on 11th July via HomeShop18 at a market operative price of INR 3,999.
    To order one click here.
    Image 1: Spice Smart Pulse M9010 smartwatch; Image source: Spice, Samsung
    Image 2: Spice Smart Pulse M9010 smartwatch and Samsung Gear smartwatch; Image source: Spice, Samsung
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