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Teleportation now possible! Is it time to pack bags?

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Researchers successfully teleport data from distance
  • Teleportation now possible! Is it time to pack bags?
    The idea of teleportation of humans/objects from sci-fi movies and from the very popular 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' was just an idea till we got to see some good development on this.

    The idea of quantum mechanics shared by Albert Einstein that “physics should represent a reality in time and space, free from spooky actions at a distance” was partly put to test in a mobile game last year.

    In 2013 Rovio came up with the idea of teleporting characters to the mobile game. Though this was a very simple idea of transferring images of a physical object into the game in virtual avatar this did offer some direction in the hinting teleportation could be achieved.

    This game featured Telepods figures which when placed onto phone or tablet camera, scanned the character directly into the game. Read - Now teleport Bird to the game, Angry Birds Star Wars II with Telepods coming

    Now Physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, part of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, report that they sent quantum data concerning the spin state of an electron to another electron about 10 feet away, reports Cnet.

    Researches have explained teleportation of data in a short video posted above. This is the first time data has been transferred from one place to another place. In the experiment data was transferred as copy of the data, actual data did not move.

    “The data being transported in the former consists of quantum bits — or qubits — that make up the spin state of an electron. In other words, physical matter is not being moved,” says Mashable.

    “It's an admittedly wonky conception of data teleportation that requires a little head scratching before it begins to clear up”, opines Cnet.

    “If this new technology proves to be as groundbreaking as the data suggests, scientists could be looking at faster data transportation and therefore, faster computing”, Mashable says.

    But whether people and objects could be transferred using this technology, is yet to be tested and proved.
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