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Be aware of fake cops: Police

Prashant Thakor, DNA | Last Modified - Dec 23, 2011, 03:41 AM IST

Ellisbridge police nab fake cop with ID, baton.
  • Be aware of fake cops: Police
    Be aware of fake cops: Police

    policegujaratAhmedabad: A week after JCP of sector-1, Ajay Tomar announced action by the police to tackle the fake cop menace, police of different police stations have started the ground work to stop any fake cop incident from taking place in the city.

    As per Tomar's announcement on December 15, police officials are now distributing pamphlets to regular visitors at temples and Jain Derasars in the western part of the city. According to Dilawarsinh, a D staff official of Ellisbridge, they have made it a routine practice to visit at least 20 such religious places each day.

    "Today we will go to Jalaram temple near Paldi railway crossing, as hundreds of devotees will pay visit on Thursday. We will hand over the pamphlet copy to as many devotees as possible and ask them to remain alert from possible fake cops attack," said Dilawarsinh.

    In the pamphlet, police have urged the citizens to remain alert and understand the fact that cops never ask citizens to handover their ornaments for security purpose. Since majority of the victims are senior citizens and women, police have jotted down some points which are to be memorised and also what needs to be done when anyone stops them and asks them to hand over the ornaments.

    The heading of the pamphlet reads in large font -'Beware from Duplicate Police'. "We have asked the senior citizens to just shout or at once hit (slap) the person asking about ornaments. Real cops never ask such questions. By doing so others can right away catch the fake cop," said another policeman distributing the pamphlets.

    The pamphlets points out the modus operandi of fake cops. It also reads remedial actions, suggested by police, to be taken when approached by fake cops. According to pamphlet, fake policemen usually dress like real policemen and even go for a haircut similar to cops. They wear red shoes to look like cops. To impress the targets, the fake cops talk like policemen and many a times also thrash them to get the ornaments citing security as the reason.

    It seems that citizens are now becoming aware about crooks who try to cheat by posing as police officials. In one such incident, Ellisbridge police nabbed a fake cop with the help of public.

    The police, who were on patrolling duty, saw a crowd inside Parimal Garden arguing with a person who had a plastic baton in his hand, on Wednesday. The city cops were recently provided such batons. Cops say Kashyap Raval, 26, owns a Maruti van and ferries people to and fro between Surendranagar and Ahmedabad daily. He brings passengers to the city in the morning and leaves for Surendranagar in the evening.

    To earn some quick bucks in the idle hours, he went inside the Parimal Garden at 3 pm on Wednesday with an ID card of one Khatri, an excise inspector of Jamnagar, armed with a plastic baton.

    Raval spotted a young college couple and started threatening them for cosying up in the garden. He asked them to come with him to the nearby police station. The frightened duo gave him Rs400 in order to settle the matter. Meantime, some other visitors and a security guard who saw the discussion approached Raval, but he tried to escape and started running. Meanwhile, 2 cops of Ellisbridge police station, patrolling the area, nabbed him.

    According to BK Purohit, Ellisbridge senior police inspector, Raval's father, Himanshubhai, works as a head constable in the central excise department. Raval admitted that he found the ID card of Khatri from a parking area in Jamnagar.

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