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Letter to Teesta forged? Gulbarg residents divided

DNA | Last Modified - Mar 11, 2013, 03:56 AM IST

Letter to Teesta forged? Gulbarg residents divided
  • Letter to Teesta forged? Gulbarg residents divided
    Letter to Teesta forged? Gulbarg residents divided
    Ahmedabad: The Gulbarg Society has issued a letter to various media organisations stating that an earlier letter signed by some members of the society against the NGO, Citizens for Justice and Peace, is a forged one. The new missive states that those who signed the ‘forged’ letter earlier, have no authority to use the name of Gulbarg society on the letterhead.
    “Gulbarg society and most of its residents have full faith in the CJP, its governing boards and members and sister organization Sabrang. CJP has stood by the 2002 riot victims and provided them legal and moral support,” the new letter states, however,
    The new letter however does not clarity if it is talking of the legal notice send by some Gulbarg residents to Teesta Setalvad of CJP or the one that was given to the police commissioner in which they had asked that CJP be banned from organising an annual event on February 28 in memory of the riot victims.
    It should be noted that the legal notice, signed by 12 members of the society, was sent to Setalvad accusing her of collecting huge donations from national and international organisations in the name of providing financial assistance for reconstruction of houses or developing the society into a museum and yet not passing on any benefit to the members.
    Saira Sandhi, wife of Salim Sandhi, secretary of Gulbarg society said that in the earlier letter most of the signatures were forged. “CJP has helped us a lot. It is unfortunate that some people are trying to do this. Many of the so-called Gulbarg residents who signed the letter said that they had never signed it and that their signatures were forged,” she said.
    Tanvir Jafri, son of slain Cong MP Ehsaan Jafri, said that the clarification concerns the letter sent to the commissioner. “How can anyone ask anyone else, more so CJP, who has helped us a lot, from not entering Gulbarg,” he said.
    However, Imtiyaz Gulbarg, one of the members who signed the notice sent to Setalvad, maintains that the signatures were not forged. “How can I forge my own signature? There was no forging of the letter. I used to live in bungalow no 4 and all others who signed it are also residents of Gulbarg,”
    he said. Jafri, however, said that Imtiyaz lived there (Gulbarg society) on rent and was not an owner. “Our whole family lived there. I spent my entire childhood there. How can we be tenants?” questioned Imtiyaz.
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Web Title: Letter to Teesta forged? Gulbarg residents divided
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