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Cook rapes five minor girls at Gurgaon NGO

Bhaskar News | Last Modified - May 05, 2012, 05:01 AM IST

He not only raped them but also recorded the acts and showed them to his friends.
  • Cook rapes five minor girls at Gurgaon NGO
    Cook rapes five minor girls at Gurgaon NGO

    gurgaon_rapeGurgaon: In a sensational case, the caretaker of an orphanage in Gurgaon has been accused of sexually abusing minor girls at the facility. A total of five minor girls have alleged that he had sexually abused them. The medical examination of two girls has confirmed sexual abuse, the police said.

    The caretaker, Rachit alias Raju (18), not only raped and abused the minors but also recorded the acts on his mobile phone and showed them to his friends.

    The incident came to the fore when Nisha Yadav, a teacher at the Wazirabad government school, where some of the victims studied, saw bizarre notes in the notebook of one of the victims. When she enquired her about them, she told her how the 18-year-old caretaker had been raping and abusing her and other inmates for the past 18 months at 'Suparna Ka Angan' (a shelter home for underprivileged children).

    The teacher approached senior police officers and got a complaint registered on Friday evening. Medical test on two girls has confirmed rape. All victims are in the age group of 7-12 years. The Gurgaon police have registered a case of rape.

    The orphanage, run by an NGO, is situated in the Sector 52 (Wazirabad Village) and was established in 2008. In January 2010, it was registered on a Delhi address. Currently, the orphanage has about 65-70 children, who are offered shelter and informal education there. The NGO prepares these children for getting admissions to the nearby government-run schools.

    According to the girls, Rachit had left the job at the orphanage around a year ago, but he was recalled 15-days-back. DCP Crime Maheshwar Dayal said the NGO's owner Suparna Sethi has been taken into custody.

    As per media reports, Suparna has accepted that she had got complaints from children and teachers earlier too and had sacked Rachit but due to non-availability of a cook, she had no option but to recall him.

    However, the NGO has completely rejected the allegation calling it a conspiracy. Anju, who looks after management, said that the allegations are baseless and are aimed at defaming the NGO. And adds that teachers at the Wazirabad government school forced girls to register the complaint due to their own vested interests.

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Web Title: Cook rapes five minor girls at Gurgaon NGO
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