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Jesus Calls: Who is Paul Dhinakaran?

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Jesus Calls: Who is Paul Dhinakaran?
  • Jesus Calls: Who is Paul Dhinakaran?
    Jesus Calls: Who is Paul Dhinakaran?

    pauldhinakaranRecently, firebrand BJP leader Uma Bharti, allegedly defending Nirmal Baba, stoked a controversy that only Hindus are targeted for such practices.

    Also, she said that an evangelical Christian man in South India who holds similar congregations like Nirmal Baba but nobody raises voice against him, though she did not mention specifically Paul Dhinakaran.

    However, she was neutral on specific Nirmal Baba issue, but alleged that discrimination against Hindus are more prevalent.

    Let’s go into the profile of this evangelical Christian man of South India- Paul Dhinakaran

    Paul Dhinakaran, born on 4th September 1962 in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), is an Indian Christian evangelist and the Chancellor of Karunya University. He is the son of the evangelist DGS Dhinakaran and runs the evangelist society 'Jesus Calls'.

    ‘Jesus Calls’ website (http://www.jesuscalls.org/ or http://www.prayertoweronline.org/) describes Paul Dhinakaran as ‘a mighty apostle of God from the land of India’.

    Moreover, website claims that - He is endowed by God with the gifts of prophecy, word of knowledge, healings and faith as he brings God’s word prophetically to people, the nations and churches and the Lord does miracles when he prays for people and nations.

    49-year-old Paul Dhinakaran, is currently the Chancellor of the Karunya University, located near Coimbatore, founded with a vision to "raise leaders in technology with high spiritual values and commitment to society".

    The entire family of Paul Dhinakaran family is engaged in the Jesus Calls initiative. Paul's wife, Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran, serves as the Editor of a magazine 'True Friend'. Their children Sam (21), Sharon (20) and Sweety (14) are also actively involved by means of singing in campaigns, television programmes, etc.

    The Karunya University claims to be having an 'A' certified accreditation in the country. Website reveals that after completing his MBA, he was the first student in the University of Madras to earn a PhD in management science at the young age of 27.

    Roughly, it is estimated that Paul Dhinakaran is worth Rs.5,000 crores.

    His society owns a dedicated television channel "Rainbow TV". Reportedly, this TV channel produces around 1800 TV programmes in a month in 8 major languages, solely promoting Gospel teachings. This also invites questions from across the cirlces whether the media and TV has become a tool to achieve one’s personal goal.

    His website ‘Jesus Calls’ welcomes donations as ‘blessing plans’ like - Prayer Tower Building Blessing Plan, Sponsor TV Programs, Jesus Calls Blessing Plan, Family Blessing Plan, Children Blessing Plan, TV Club Blessing Plan, Bethesda Prayer Center, Sponsor Prayer Festival, Business Blessing Plan, Dr. D. G. S. Dhinakaran Endowment Fund.

    His website claims that the Lord spoke to Paul Dhinakaran through his father Late Dr. DGS Dhinakaran.

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