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18 Year old Indian Boy Dies For 52 Seconds, Confirms There is Life After Death!

Neha Vashishth | Last Modified - May 03, 2016, 03:27 PM IST

This Boy Died For 52 Seconds And His Story Is Something That Everyone Should Read!
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    Everybody talks about after life and how the concept of paradise and hell exists, but nobody can confirm it as such because there is no solid proof about the so called ‘afterlife’ but there are some people who claim that after you dies you do meet your loved ones or your loved ones come and meet you. Same is the case with an Indian guy who shared his experience on a experience sharing website, where he wrote his story of how he died for 52 seconds and came back to life.
    Nobody knows the concept of angels & demons, the Patal ‘Lok’ and the concept of grilling a person after life if he commits crimes in present life. He met with an accident when he was crushed under a 12 wheeled truck badly losing almost half of his body. Sharing his hands on experience while he was getting crushed leads you to imagine a very graphic scenario in mind. He shared that all the colors in his mind got faded once he was under the truck, and soon everything turned foggy and black and white. The wheels went over his spine and legs. His whole ribcage was crushed with his liver was in two pieces. Suffering from heart blockage, and having a 5% chance of survival, he went under a 8 hour surgery and died.
    The moment he died was the moment when he went into a black & white mode, and that is when he claims that he saw his grandmother patting his forehead and calling out his name again and again. He wasn’t able to answer her but he pushed his limits and gasped and only a breath of air came out of his mouth. And very that moment he came back to life. He saw his grandmother smiling and that is when he started feeling that he is on the operation table when the chill of the AC touched his unconscious body. He was stable for few days and as one of his lungs had stopped working, he went into coma suddenly. He feels that his grandmother came to push him mentally so that he could come back to life again.
    But short after the surgery when he went into coma he felt his mind was reliving his 18 years of life in a rewind sequence. From his birth to first day at school, he saw his life as a third person. Everything was okay at first but then his brain went into an infinite loop when the order of events reached my accident. It was repeatedly showing me what happened in those brief 2 seconds when my body had shut itself down and everything went black.
    He shared that while he was meeting with the accident, even though his body gave up and he was unconscious his mind and eyes kept on recording what his body was going through and it was a very painful experience for him to recall. After that endless loop of memories he fell asleep and started dreaming again. He saw his grandmother and him in the playground when his grandmother pushed him too hard on the swing and fell only to feel that shake we all feel when we are sleeping and woke up suddenly.
    After he came out of the coma his legs were amputated and he started walking frontwards the 22nd day because of the doctors. He was in hospital for about 36 days. But he surviving is a miracle itself. Of course he survived but his chilling death experience proves that if there is an afterlife then it is indeed a positive place where you can meet your loved ones. These miracles in life are the bizarre incidents which leave us all in awe of the concept of afterlife.

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