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A man's guide to the graphic T-shirt

Apeksha Gupta | Last Modified - Jun 21, 2012, 04:31 PM IST

Ranbir wooed Konkona in Wake Up Sid, thanks to his cute t-shirts. Now, you can have your own.
  • A man's guide to the graphic T-shirt
    A man's guide to the graphic T-shirt
    Graphic tee shirtsUnless your t-shirt reads "F.B.I- Female Body Inspector" or "Being Human", a graphic t-shirt lets you be funny, silly, creative, and no one can resist seeing what is printed on a fun t-shirt. Why waste all that space on your chest when you could be sporting the graphics of your favourite movie, lyrics from the song of your favourite band, a cause, a funny quote or a doodle? Would Ranbir Kapoor have been able to woo Konkona Sen Sharma in Wake Up Sid if all those cute t-shirts he was wearing did not scream "I am a
    sensitive man, not an emo man-child!"? Maybe, but only if he danced in a towel.

    I've picked some top picks from my favourite t-shirt stores.

    1. Play Clan

    Play Clan's t-shirts are instantly recognisable with their India inspired themes that combine fashion,
    art and design to create collections in home, apparel, gifts and stationery to pay a tribute to India’s
    exuberance, vibrant colors and local culture.

    Play Clan Auto Rs. 1295
    Rs. 995

    Buy Play Clan t-shirts from their stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Goa, Pondicherry, Kochi or online from www.playclan.com

    2. 1469

    One visit to the store and you know that 1469 lives, breathes and retails all things Punjabi. Their t-shirts have witty Punjabi colloquialisms and everyday things related to Punjab, that are bound to crack you up
    or give a peek into the heritage the store derives its inspiration from.

    1469 Bullet Tee- Rs. 825

    All 1469 t-shirts can be bought from their stores in Delhi, Chandigarh, Karnal, Amritsar or online from www.1469workshop.com

    3. Inkfruit

    Inkfruit has a community of designers who submit designs that are voted for by the customers and
    printed on T-shirts, flip-flops, sling bags, laptop skins, etc. It acts as a platform for designers giving you a
    range of designs to choose from.

    Agent Hawk Tee- Rs. 499

    4. Threadless

    Threadless is the big brother version of Inkfruit with essentially the same business model and pages and pages of t-shirts to choose from their online catalogue.

    Guys Pima Tee- $36.50

    Buy all Threadless tees at www.threadless.com

    Play Clan 350cc Rs. 1295

    Play Clan Nandi

    1469 Firtoo Tibbar Tee- Rs. 825

    1469 Public Carrier Tee- Rs. 825

    Dark Wolf Tee- Rs. 499

    Nepolian Tee- Rs. 499

    Missing Tee- $12.95

    This Game Sucks Tee- $20
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