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2 world records claimed in push-ups and squats

DNA | Last Modified - Jan 02, 2013, 04:09 AM IST

2 world records claimed in push-ups and squats
  • 2 world records claimed in push-ups and squats
    2 world records claimed in push-ups and squats

    Indore: Two youths claimed to have made two world records in push-ups and squats respectively on the first day of the year.

    The achievers, Sourav Jain and Anurag Jha, broke the previous records of fastest push-ups on finger tips and most number of squats in one hour respectively.

    Jain made 70 push-ups on finger tips in 30 seconds, breaking the previous record of 48 push-ups in same duration by one William Patrick of Ireland.

    Jha broke the previous record of 1500 squats in one hour made by one Zonobe of Belgium. Jha made 2280 in similar duration.

    A local NGO, 'Sanstha Srv Sewa' organized the programme. Details of the achievers' feats will be sent to the Golden Book of World Records and Limca Book of Records for approval.

    A programme 'Miracle of One' was organized on the foundation day of Madhya Pradesh by 'Sanstha Sarv Sewa' in its bid to provide Indore a distinction as a city of record holders with 11 world records in as many days.

    During the programme, Indorians presented their achievements in different fields and staked claims for 11 world records that included keeping longest moustache & beard (87 inch), most sit-ups with flat legs (7044 sit-ups in 5 hour and 3 minutes),

    Fastest calculation of LMC (least common multiple) by giving 125 correct answers in given time, exhibit collection of different items with same series number of 786, executing 16 push-ups on thumbs within a minute, speaking 25 tongue-twisters of English language and 1 tongue-twister of bilingual (English Hindi) only in 53 seconds, writing longest email of the world written on 1396 pages and used 4031779 number of character and exhibiting a collection of coins with different denomination that issued by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from the independence till now (1947-2012).

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Web Title: 2 world records claimed in push-ups and squats
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