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Bengaluru mother rapes son to cure his homosexuality

Dailybhaskar.com | Last Modified - Jun 03, 2015, 12:14 PM IST

In a shocking incident, a gay boy was raped by his mother to make him straight.
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    Nobody can deny the fact that the Indian society is still struggling to accept the right to sexuality, but a recent incident in Bengaluru has sent shock waves across the nation. According to reports, a mother raped her son to cure his homosexuality in the name of carrying out a corrective rape, which has become a bitter reality in India.
    Apparently, the gay boy was forced to have sex with his mother to change his sexual orientation. According to LGBT Collective in Telangana, families are seeking help
    from relatives to shockingly 'cure' their children by raping them. And, though it may sound completely disgusting, the group has received as many 15 reports of 'corrective rape' in the last five years, as reported by Dailymail.
    For people who are unaware of the term 'corrective rape', it is an absurd practice carried out by the victim's own family members in a desperate bid to 'cure' his/her homosexuality.
    As per Dailymail, "the parents will arrange the rape and handpick a relative - usually a cousin - to carry out the heinous act."
    In another shocking episode, a young lesbian was actually raped by her cousin brother to carry out the 'corrective rape.'
    Gay relationships had always been a taboo in India, but gay sex was officially banned by the Supreme Court in 2013, when it reimposed a ban on the same.
    Since 2013, many members of gay groups have filed numerous petitions in the court asking for a review on criminalising gay sex.

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