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5 ways to avoid sexual abuse at the hands of your doctor

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Not all medical professionals are your saviors.
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    Gone are the days when doctors were thought to be the saviors, now the task of saving lives has been reduced to a mundane business, and worse- the medical practitioners,
    who were once considered kin of God have become notorious, thanks to the malpractices undertaken by some of them. But the worse thing to have happened to this profession of rescuers is the fact that some of them have turned into sexual predators, who are sitting in the comfort of their plush clinics, awaiting women who would fall prey to their bad intent. And much like our western counterparts, Indians too have started becoming victims of such unexpected crimes.
    Though we are pretty sure that each one of you is capable of dealing with an abuser in the disguise of a doctor, we are listing a few ways to ensure you don't have to face
    any sexual misconduct at a medical facility.
    1. Choose a female gynecologist: No, we are not trying to stop you from visiting a male gynecologist, but just asking you to opt for a female gynecologist because sexual abuse at the hand of male gynecologists tops the list of sexual abuse cases involving medical practitioners. This way at least you'll be ensuring that that a man doesn't touch you at places you would not want him to.
    2. Always speak logic: You are visiting a doctor doesn't mean you don't have the right to question the course of treatment being meted out to you. If your doctor insists on undergoing a pelvic/breast examination, always question the intent and ask for the logic. Most of the women become victims of abuse because they are too shy to question their doctor.
    3. Do not undress: Not every test requires the patient to undress or wear the medical gown, be aware of what's right and wrong.
    4. If there's a need to administer you anesthesia, make sure you have a family member around during the process.
    5. Don't be a mute spectator: If ever you meet a doctor, whose intentions don't seem right to you, speak up or else you'll only encourage him to continue misdeeds.

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