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Inflammatory messages of Myanmar killing led to Mumbai rioting

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Inflammatory messages of Myanmar killing led to Mumbai rioting
  • Inflammatory messages of Myanmar killing led to Mumbai rioting
    Inflammatory messages of Myanmar killing led to Mumbai rioting

    Mumbai: The ethnic violence in Myanmar seems to be the main reason behind Mumbai riots that shook the city on Saturday. It is being alleged that inflammatory and disturbing images of killings in Myanmar may have instigated the mob that had gathered in Azad Maidan to protest against the alleged atrocities against the Bangladeshi Muslim population in Myanmar.

    In a report published in leading Indian daily, The Times of India, it was revealed that a string of disturbing and provocative images from Myanmar on the mobile phones of youth may have provoked the youth. The Saturday violence resulted in 2 deaths and saw 63 people getting injured.

    The report further said that the Mumbai Police failed to realize the gravity of the situation. The protest was organized by a group of NGOs to protest against the alleged atrocities being meted out to Bangladeshi Immigrants. The crowd swelled to 50,000 people as against the police estimate of 10,000-12,000.

    Sources say that the intelligence wing of the Mumbai police had warned in early August that as the violence in Assam spiralled, provocative messages were being sent out in Mumbai, some via SMS.

    The intelligence wing of the Mumbai Police was warned in August about the inflamatory messages are being circulated with intentions to instigate.

    During Friday's weekly prayer, people were urged to attend Azad Maidan to protest the violence in Assam that led to the killing of 70 people.

    An alert has been sounded in all states asking state administration to remain on high alert.

    Proofs have emerged which indicates that it was a pre planned attack. The violence was pre-planned as some of the armed miscreants with clear intentions of creating unrest infiltrated the protesting mob. CCTV footage has emerged showing "armed" mob boarding a train from Kurla station. The mob armed with sticks, rod and swords got down at the CST station.

    The Police was caught unaware as it tried make up by running in paramilitary forces.

    In order to prevent the repeat of the situation, community leaders have asked authorities to check mobile phones of all youths, and warn them from keeping such provocative clippings.

    The protest was organized by Raza Academy. The protestors were asking Indian government to respond to the atrocities against the Muslim migrant population from Bangladesh in Myanmar.

    Sources disclosed that Raza Academy members were stunned to see the crowd swelling from their expected 1,000-odd number to over 40,000.

    The Mumbai Police is trying to gauge the extent of the damage. Once the cost of the damage has been estimated the Mumbai police will seek the compensation from the Raza Academy and the other perpetrators of violence.

    Who are Rohingya?

    The Rohingya had been at the receiving end of the Myanmar Army in the past as well.

    The Rohingya are natives of Bangladesh who have settled in Northern State of Arakan and Rakhine State near Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

    In 1978, more than 167,000 people of Rohingya community were forced to flee, after a deadly spree of murder, rape and destruction was launched by the Myanmar army in the form of Operation Nagamin Sit Sin Yay (Dragon King).

    In 1992-93, a quarter million of Rohingya were again forced out of their homes and forced to flee to Bangladesh, after a fresh series of violence against them. Rohingyas, are native Bangladeshi, they live in Bangladesh's refugee camps in inhuman conditions. Living in cramped room, scarce medicine and food supply has made the situation even worse.

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