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Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose quit CNN-IBN: Here're their emotional farewell notes to colleagues

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NDTV's Burkha Dutt will reportedly replace Rajdeep.
  • Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose quit CNN-IBN: Here're their emotional farewell notes to colleagues
    Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose quit CNN-IBN: Here're their emotional farewell notes to colleagues
    New Delhi: A month after Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) acquired media conglomerate Network18 Media and Investments Ltd, the biggest ever deal in the Indian media sector, well-known TV journalists Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose resigned from CNN-IBN on Friday.
    While Sagarika is reportedly joining India Today magazine, Rajdeep will take a break of one year to write a book on the Lok Sabha Elections 2014.
    Meanwhile, there are rumours abuzz that NDTV Group Editor Barkha Dutt is going to replace Rajdeep. She has an offer from CNN-IBN for the top post, Sahara Samay reported.
    But Burkha has denied the report, calling it a "speculative story". "Sahara story (is) entirely speculative; they've not spoken to me. If there's ever any news at my end, you will hear it from me," she wrote on Twitter.
    Both Rajdeep and Sagarika shot-off emotional farewell notes to their colleagues at IBN network. Here are full text of their letters:
    My dear friends,
    This is one of the toughest letters to write. After nine wonderful years at IBN 18, its time to say goodbye. I must confess its not easy to leave a baby that one has helped create/build/grow and to leave such great colleagues. But I guess certain things in life are written in the stars. Editorial independence and integrity have been articles of faith in 26 years in journalism and maybe I am too old now to change!
    I would though like to look at the brighter side, the many happy times we have all shared. I still remember when we decided to set up an English news channel: we had one chair and a table, and no one gave us a hope in hell.
    I recall an advertising executive watching our pitch and asking why we were even attempting a new news channel. But madness and a passion for journalism as defined by the spirit of "whatever it takes" can break many a wall: we eventually did it! CNN IBN was a remarkable success: in nine years, we achieved the seemingly impossible in the news business: ratings, revenue, but most crucially, RESPECT for our journalism.
    I am told that our awards tally is now over 200, more than all the other channels put together! This year's election coverage was a good example of what we have been able to achieve: a friend in CNN said he would have been proud to put together such a formidable line up of programming.
    IBN 7 had a more difficult period in a highly competitive market, but again I can look back with pride on the achievements of the channel. We had a fire in the belly as typified by the tagline "khabar har keemat par'. I remember in a small town in UP when an elderly gent came to me and said, "sir maan gaye, AAP hee ka channel hai jo na Mayawati ko na Mulayam ko chhodta hai!" And thank you to the IBN 7 newsroom for helping me improve my Hindi to the point where I could maybe anchor in Hindi one day!
    And then to my friends in IBN Lokmat: you guys in many ways are the real rockstars. You overcame every challenge to build a channel of substance. You created programming that won awards at the national level and stories that made the people of Maharashtra sit up. "Chala Jag Jinkuiya": truly you showed what the true spirit of journalism can do. My dream was that one day we would have similar quality channels in every Indian language: that dream must wait another day!
    None of all this would have been possible without the freedom one enjoyed at Network 18. For that I am eternally grateful to the leadership. Above all, none of this would have been possible without the professionalism that each and every one of you has shown. Television news is the ultimate TEAM game: I know the hard work that every one of you put to build this network: from OB drivers and engineers from video editors to video journalists to the newsroom, each of you deserve the highest acclaim for being there 24 x 7, through winter mornings and summer evenings.
    Forget the cynics, journalism my friends is a great profession. Good journalism makes a genuine difference to the world by offering a mirror to society. Our stories have exposed corrupt netas and forced ministers to resign; we did stories that got jobs for the disabled, land to the landless, justice to acid attack victims.
    Hell, we even pioneered the idea of citizen journalism and of India Positive and Real Heroes to showcase an India that otherwise is lost in the noise of breaking news. Yes, putting news above noise, sense above sensation and credibility above chaos must remain a credo forever: else journalism will lose its moral compass.
    I hope the new management will always put journalism first and I wish them well.
    I don't want this note to be too long, (editors takes can get awfully long-winded) so I shall end here. I shall leave you with a Hindi film song which I believe should be a life philosophy: Aadmi musafir hai, aata hai aur jaata hai, aate jaate raste pe apne yaadein chhod jaata hai... I hope, in my own small way, I have touched you on life's journey; you guys certainly have made me a better person. I will treasure the memories of what must be nine of the best years of my professional life. As I move on, I have no doubt our paths will cross: the friendships and warmth will endure forever.

    Thank you for the memories,
    P.S. Am sorry if I would occasionally call at 3 am in the morning. Blame it on being a news junkie. And remember, every time there is a spelling mistake on the ticker, my ghost will haunt you!!
    Hi there folks,
    I never thought I would be writing this mail.

    CNN-IBN has not only been an integral part of my life for almost every waking minute these past years, but more important, working with you has been a joy and an honour. But now–after almost a quarter century in journalism, among them 9 fabulous years at CNN-IBN–I leave to try my hand at something a little more challenging and creative, explore new vistas in reportage and commentary.
    At CNN-IBN, an incredible team of professionals brought total commitment and integrity to reporting the news. We put journalism first and because of that we became a trusted and much loved brand. A free fearless press is the infrastructure of democracy–without it the term “citizenship” is diminished indeed.
    The words of John Tusa, the venerable former director general of BBC World Service come to me: “Journalists cannot become the outriders of authority…but the freedom we have is the freedom to be responsible.”
    CNN-IBN was always free and responsible! That’s why it became such an incredible success, so beloved of viewers. We created magic and that magic touched millions of lives, and the magic will remain with each of us always!
    Good bye is an unhappy word. I prefer au revoir..until we meet again.
    Warmest wishes and all the very best of luck always,
    Sagarika Ghose
    Deputy Editor
    IBN 18, Network (CNN –IBN)
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