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Will the real James Priya please stand up?

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Will the real James Priya please stand up?
  • Will the real James Priya please stand up?
    Will the real James Priya please stand up?
    New Delhi: Internet has evolved into a powerful tool to frame and gather public opinion. In one such example a mysterious name has kept Twitterati busy for the past two days. James Priya has been trending on micro-blogging website, Twitter for the past two days.
    It appears that James Priya is a fictitious character invented by the Twitter population. The name has kept everyone guessing about the true identity of this mysterious name.
    We look at some of the tweets that are doing the rounds of Twitter.
    So, James Priya is a much followed imaginary person thru whom someone has been making outrageous claims. Sounds somewhat like religion to me
    James Priya, whether true or false, man or woman, blackmailed or attention seeking, is just a muse for the times we live in
    Admit it, all of you wanted to be a James Priya on Twitter but lost your way because of James Priyas.
    This James Priya looks like a character right out of a Ved Prakash Sharma novel.
    For a while, I tried to understand this James Priya thing. Have given up
    James Priya and MARD are trending next to each other. Long live Twitter.
    The craze of James Priya has left everyone desperatelty seeking answers. Some people randomly started tagging her name in unrelated conversation to reap the benfits of the trending name.
    We will keep you updated on the James Priya synrome as it develops.
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Web Title: Will the real James Priya please stand up?
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