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Divorce party anyone?

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Divorce party anyone?
  • Divorce party anyone?
    Divorce party anyone?

    "So What". "I think I just lost my husband, I don't know where he went. So I'm going to drink my money, I'm not gonna pay his rent!", can't get this song by singer PINK out of your head? Well, PINK was mighty right when she sang this and it's become an anthem of sorts for all the divorced women around the world, even for those who have been dumped. If this wasn't all, men aren't fretting either, for they've gone ahead and started to celebrate their divorces with the 80s single "Goodbye baby, so long darling, goodbye to you!" by the band- SCANDAL being their motivation.

    Gone are the days when, couples used to go through hell during their divorces, well though it still remains hell-like for some couples, some smart ones have started accepting this new change in their lives with a straight face, in fact, with a rather happy face! Yeah, you're getting me right, couples who are splitting with each-other are celebrating their split-ups. Archana Chibba, a 40 year old Marketing Professional, did a similar thing along with her ex husband to celebrate their divorce. "We realised that we couldn't live with each-other anymore but, we still remain the best friends. I didn't want to make it ugly and my ex-hubby ushered a similar sentiment when I talked it out with him! A mutual end to our marriage worked for us and we wanted to celebrate it. Both of us pooled in money and threw a party to remember. I called my friends, he called his and we had a rocking time. I am glad that I am not one of those unfortunate woman, who have to think twice before calling up the man they used to share their bed once. I call him for help every now and then and the feeling is purely mutual. I feel truly blessed."Celebrating divorce has become more of a post divorce therapy and is more than a trend now, for divorce is now being looked at something to be proud about and not the end of the road. "Every individual needs a positive reinforcement, especially at a crucial and sensitive time like one's divorce and that's precisely the reason why this trend of celebrating divorce has become so big. I feel it's a step towards positivity and acceptance and people should not shy away from accepting the reality ", says Arunima Singh, a Clinical Psychologist.

    Wondering how people celebrate the end of their marriage, well here are a few examples:

    Divorce announcements
    The trend of sending divorce announcements to thank friends and family for supporting the couple through their marriage is catching up fast.Most of these have a personal note inside, wherein both the individuals that the respective people for all the support that was bestowed on them till now.

    Order a divorce cake
    Well, this one's an industry now! Yeah, bakery shops are having more people ordering for divorce cakes than birthday ones these-days. A typical divorce cake is cut at the party that's thrown to celebrate divorce. The cake shows separation and not the unity, but for some it truly tastes better than their marriage cake and what's the reason? You have to get a taste of freedom to imagine that!

    Post split-up holiday
    Going back to the place you and your friends had a time of your lives? Sounds interesting, eh? Well, that's what most of the divorcees are doing. Your marriage might be over but your life has just become and it's time you start enjoying it! It's a wonderful way to christen a new road to a new happily-ever-after.

    Redoing the bedroom
    The first thing you ought to do after the departure of your ex, is redoing your bedroom, for who would want to live in the glories of the past. Some people who don't wanna spend a bomb here too, keep the old furniture and just change the colour of the room. A tip that you must abide by, do away with your bed until you wanna dream about your ex night after night!

    So, if things aren't going too well between you and your partner and the two of you have decided to call it the end, then, guess it's time to party!

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