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Afzal Guru’s confession: I helped them, took training in Pak

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Afzal Guru’s confession: I helped them, took training in Pak
  • Afzal Guru’s confession: I helped them, took training in Pak
    Afzal Guru’s confession: I helped them, took training in Pak

    New Delhi: Afzal Guru in an interview to a television news reporter had revealed the entire details of the plan and people involved in the 2001 attack on Indian Parliament.

    The interview given immediately after his arrest indicates the level of his involvement in the attack.

    Here are some excerpts.

    Q: Who were the people behind the Parliament attack?

    A: Basically, the people who entered Parliament, all five were from Pakistan. Mohammad was their chief. The other four accomplices were- Hamza, Haider, Rana and Raja. Their main motive was to enter the Parliament and kill MPs and the complete political leadership. This was their first motive. They told me this on the first day.

    Q: Who was behind all this? Who was helping them?

    A: I was helping them. And these people were helping me. Their leader, Gazi Baba was supporting them from the back. He was from Pakistan. There chief was from Jammu and Kashmir. Jaish and his complete organisation were behind him (Gazi Baba).

    There leader is based in Pakistan- Maulana Masood.

    Q: When were you informed about the entire operation?

    A: When I brought Mohammad one-and-a-half-month ago. Till then he had no target. He (Mohammad) had done the rece of assembly and embassy areas in Delhi.

    In fact, when I went to Srinagar for the second time, I met Gazi. He told me that Mohammad has been provided with the target. I was not given any information about the target.

    I was asked to motivate Mohammad to achieve the target as soon as possible. Mohammad told me that he is suppose to attack Indian Parliament, soon.

    I brought the other four people involved in Parliament attack.

    Q: Did they (four members) know about the target?

    A: Yes they knew about it. All four spoke Punjabi. I am not aware of the exact location (in Punjab). All five called Pakistan a day before the attack. Mohammad used to call regularly. Raja and Rana spoke to their parents in front of me.

    Q: What did Gazi told you about Kandhar Hijacking?

    A: He told me that he was part of Plane hijacking. Five people were involved. One of them was Ibrahim.

    Q: Did you ever undergo training?

    A: Yes, I first took training in Pakistan. I went to PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) in 1990. I stayed there for 15 days and took training from a Pakistan's Army retired officer. I stayed in Kashmir for 20 days. There I saw the entire business. There was no freedom fight. There was no logic. There was lot of bloodshed. They were trying to earn money over there.

    I left Kashmir and stayed in Delhi, since then.

    Q: What did you wanted to do? Why did you go with them?

    A: It appeared their main motive was to earn money. There were a lot of things. There was some motivation as well. Even money matters were there. Even my history was somewhat susceptible. I was tortured one day, for no reason. They took my money. Harassment was a routine.

    According to me, the violence in the name of Kashmir has increased the trouble of Indian Muslim. They suffer in India because of us.

    Q: When did you meet Gazi baba?

    A: I met him Gazi Baba around six months back. I met Tarique coordinator around eight months backs.

    Gazi Baba told me that till the time Kashmir is not granted freedom till then we will not sit quiet. Tarique was only coordinator. They are running four camps in Kashmir, in the mountains of Kashmir. I know about four camps. One is in Pahalgam.

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