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Boston: Boston on lockdown, no official word on suspects

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Boston in grip of fear: After cop killed on MIT campus, explosion heard nearby
  • Boston: Boston on lockdown, no official word on suspects
    Boston: Boston on lockdown, no official word on suspects
    Boston: Chaos and fear revisited the city of Boston after the twin blasts two days ago as a cop was shot on Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus on Thursday night, soon followed by a carjacking incident. Major Police operation is currently underway at Boston area.
    The dramatic night has already witnessed a policeman killed, another critically injured. One of the two suspects also succumbed to injuries while the other is still at large.
    Here's the LIVE coverage as it happens:
    06:12PM IST: Boston police have confirmed that Suspect Two is 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
    It has also been confirmed that the dead suspect is Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    04:42PM IST: AP sources: Boston bomb suspects from Russia region near Chechnya, lived in US for at least 1 year
    04:12PM IST: President Barack Obama was briefed overnight by a counterterrorism aide on the Boston bombing investigation and manhunt, a White House official has said.
    04.00PM IST: Although the reports suggest Sunil Tripathi to be the suspect at large, the police however is yet to confirm his identity or involvement in the Boston Marathon bombing.
    03:30PM IST: Governor Deval Patrick has suspended all subway, commuter rail and bus services by the MBTA until further notice. Police is further asking business in Watertown to stay closed today. No vehicle are allowed to travel in and out of Watertown.
    03:26PM IST: Boston Police commissioner tweets latest picture of suspect.
    03:06PM IST: A press conference is taking place at Beth Israel hospital in Boston.
    Dr Schoenfeld says he lives in Watertown and heard gunshots and explosions last night. He called the emergency department and came into work.
    This was some time around 12.45am local time. Medical staff say they have no information on the identity of the dead suspect but "it's an adult male".
    02:26PM IST - The policeman speaking at that briefing was Colonel Timothy Alben, head of Massachusetts state police.
    02:00PM IST: There is a 20-block perimeter around the area where suspect no 2 is thought to be.
    Police refer to him as a terrorist and confirm One policeman has been killed and one injured.
    Police confirm there are no planned controlled blasts at this time and also refused to name the suspets
    01:57PM IST: The police are giving a press conference in Watertown now.
    The police say they are looking for the white-capped suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.
    The suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. Use extreme caution and stay in your homes, the police say.
    He is a light-skinned or caucasion male with longer, brown, curly hair.
    The other suspect was shot, the police confirm.
    01:50PM IST: Massachusetts State Police confirm they are going to conduct a door-to-door, house-to-house search in Watertown.
    "Police will be going door by door, street by street, in and around Watertown. Police will be clearly identified. It is a fluid situation"
    01:47PM IST: The police advise residents of the town to stay indoors until the issue is resolved:
    "Residents in and around Watertown should stay in their residences. Do NOT answer door unless it is an identified police officer."
    01:20 PM IST: Second suspect allegedly identified Mike Mulugeta.
    01:15 PM IST: Police confirm that incident at Watertown and MIT campus are not linked.
    01:10 PM IST: Police have, reportedly, found explosives inside a pressure cooker, the same device used to trigger Boston Marathon bombings on Monday.
    12: 58 PM IST: Suspect, reportedly, identified as Indo-American student Sunil Tripathi.
    12:53 PM IST: Eyewitnesses see two suspects in FBI custody.
    12:50 PM IST: Suspect stripped naked by FBI sleuths.
    Further, AFP reports that soon after the shooting incident on the MIT campus, an explosion was heard in Watertown, not far from the Cambridge where MIT is located. A carjacking incident is also believed to have taken place around the same near Watertown.
    Within minutes of hearing the first shot, Boston cops rushed to the venue and found the injured policeperson who was rushed to the hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries. As FBI sleuths and local cops converged onto the crime site, more gunshots were heard followed by sound of an explosion.
    Further, the local media reported that 'undetonated explosives' have been recovered for Watertown, rekindling fear of an imminent blast among the locals.
    Police have apprehended a suspect, but refused to reveal his name pending further probe.
    A major police activity is going on in the area, CNN told its viewers.
    However, it is not yet confirmed if the events at MIT campus and Watertown are linked.
    The officer, who has not been identified, was shot multiple times at 10:48 pm EDT on Thursday night, according to the local attorney. No one else was hurt, and no arrests had been made by early Friday.
    The students at MIT campus have been informed to resume their normal activities, several hours after an alert was sounded by campus authorities to stay indoors.
    The incident comes just two days after the two serial explosions twelve seconds apart killed three people and injured 180 others at the venue of Boston annual marathon.
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Web Title: Boston in grip of fear: After cop killed on MIT campus, explosion heard nearby
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