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Video game depicts Pope as ‘pimp for pedophile Cardinals’

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Video game depicts Pope as ‘pimp for pedophile Cardinals’
  • Video game depicts Pope as ‘pimp for pedophile Cardinals’
    Video game depicts Pope as ‘pimp for pedophile Cardinals’

    Madrid: A Spanish video game based on the Vatican City has landed in trouble for showing cardinals as pedophile pimps.

    MasLibres.org a self defined “social initiative in favor of religious freedom” has asked the game to be taken down from Spanish platform minijuegos.com, calling out the platform’s president, Oscar Moreno, according to non-profit organization HazteOir.org, reported Huffington Post.

    Mas Libres said that the game offends the victims and their families.

    The game, Vatican Quest, requires the player to control a Pope-like character. The character resembles Benedict XVI, and helps them 'deliver' young boys to Roman Catholic Cardinals.

    The Cardinals put their arms around the youngsters and disappear through the doors of the Vatican City.

    The game is suggestive of the sex-abuse controversy that left the highest-Christian institution in shame, during the tenure of Pope Benedict XVI.

    The controversy prompted the Pope to come out with a rare public apology and advocated a zero-tolerance approach to the problem.

    Pope Benedict XVI announced his premature retirement sighting poor health conditions. Pope delivered an emotional in late February prayer in St Peter's Square, saying God had told him to devote himself to prayer but assuring supporters he would not 'abandon' the Church.

    Tens of thousands of supporters turned out for the historic prayers ahead of the pope's formal resignation on Thursday, often interrupting the pope with their clapping, cheering and chanting.

    "The Lord is calling me to climb the mountain, to dedicate myself even more to prayer and meditation. But this does not mean abandoning the Church," the pope told the crowd from the window of his residence in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

    "If God is asking me to do this it is precisely so I can continue to serve with the same dedication and love as before but in a way that is more appropriate for my age and for my strength."

    The 85-year-old leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics has said he will step down because he no longer has the strength of mind and body to carry on.

    His shock resignation ended an eight-year pontificate dominated by the priest child sex abuse scandal and efforts to counter rising secularism in the West.

    He thanked the crowd with a final unscripted call, telling them: "We will always be close!"

    The Vatican and Rome police estimated the numbers at more than 100,000 people -- many times more than usually attend the traditional Sunday prayer.

    "Holy Father, We Love You", read one banner seen in the crowd. One read: "Thank You, Your Holiness" and another said: "Dear Father, We'll Miss You".

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Web Title: Video game depicts Pope as ‘pimp for pedophile Cardinals’
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