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Colour guide for your Zodiac signs

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Here are a few tips that can you chose colors that suit your sunsign.
  • Colour guide for your Zodiac signs
    Colour guide for your Zodiac signs

    what_lies_ahead_288Colors and planets are closely associated with each other. Every zodiac sign gets influenced with its respective color. If you want to be successful in every task and you desire to lead a happy, contented and cheerful life, then wear colors that go alongwith your zodiac sign.

    Aries : Red, orange and yellow colour will be lucky for you. Avoid blue, grey and black shades. Do not use the garments made out of leather or birds’ feather.

    Taurus : Taureans Should choose white and light green shades. Do not select red or orange color for your garments as they are unfavorable for you.

    Gemini : Green color will be lucky for you but avoid choosing yellow color. Simple dresses with less of designs will prove favorable.

    Cancer : Choose white and light yellow shades for your dress and never select blue or black shades. Pick simple designer dresses.

    Leo : Your lucky colors are red, yellow and orange. Avoid blue, black, brown shades. Pick designer outfits with lots of cuts and curves but do not wear leather dresses.

    Virgo : Green and white shades will prove to be lucky and favorable. Do not opt designer outfits.

    Libra: White, light green and brown shades will be lucky for you. Choose simple outfits and avoid red, orange shades for your garments.

    Scorpio: Red, yellow and orange shades will be lucky for you but keep in mind not to use blue, brown and black shades. Pick designer outfits as they will be fortunate for you.

    Sagittarius: Choose yellow and lighter shades of orange, avoid blue and black shades.

    Capricorn: Pick blue, black and brown shades and avoid red, white and orange shades as they may be unlucky for you.

    Aquarius: For favorable results, choose blue, brown and black colored outfits and always avoid red, white and orange shades.

    Pisces: Choose yellow, saffron and light orange shades for your outfits for better outcome. Avoid picking blue and black shades.

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