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To teacher's with love

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Here's a look at what your favorite TV stars have to say about their teachers.
  • To teacher's with love
    To teacher's with love

    Teachers' Day celebrated on 5th September is one day we all like to let our favorite teachers know how much of a difference they have made to our lives.... be it a heart-felt thank you note, a card or a rose, we all make an effort to make our favorite teachers feel special! Here's a look at what your favorite Zee TV stars have to say about their teachers...

    sushant_singh_380Sushant Rajput (Manav of Pavitra Rishta) - The turning point in my life was when I decided to move away from engineering and choose acting as a career option. The credit goes to my "Theatre Teacher" Mr. Barry John who for the first 6 months did not speak a single word to me about my performance other than taking notes in his diary but at the end of my graduation I got a "B" grade and everyone else got a "C". He called me aside and said, "You are good. Think about acting as a career option." Since then there has been no looking back.

    kratika_sengar__the_new_grown_up_jhansi_ki_rani_2_380Krutika Sengar (Jhansi Ki Rani) -. I always looked at Teacher's Day as one day that I could floor all my teachers with my dancing skills! Every year we used to celebrate Teacher's Day in our school with music and dance competitions. I would always participate since I was particularly passionate about dance. It was another joy altogether when my teachers would gather all around me after my acts and shower me with praise ....I still cherish those memories!

    agle_janam_380Ratan Rajput (Lali of Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo): Throughout school I never had a favorite teacher as such ... since I was always one of the last-benchers and least interested in studies. But my life changed when I met my theatre teacher, Mr Surendra Sharma. He gave me my first lessons of life. I still cherish the moment when on one particular Teacher's Day, the media interviewed me with him and it truly was a very emotional moment for me!

    Abhishek Rawat (Shekhar of Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo) - This Teachers' Day, my thoughts go out to Mr. Richard Ellis - a very friendly school teacher. He was a "cool dude" and many girls had a major crush on him, making him a competitor of sorts to us and since we all knew that we'd never be able to compete with his wit, general knowledge and smartness, we were all a little jealous of him. Here's raising a toast to Mr. Ellis!

    Yashpal Sharma (Kuwar of Mera Naam Karegi Roshan) - I believe teachers mould thousands of lives because the lessons learned from them remain with a student throughout life. One such influential professor in my life has been Prof. Uday Bhanu Hans, who taught us Hindi at Hisar Government College. He was a poet and could mesmerize students with his words. He was the only teacher who taught us to look beyond the prescribed syllabus & emphasized on an all-round holistic learning. Teachers need encouragement and support from the community to feel that their devotion to students is genuinely worth it! I never miss a chance to go and meet him when I am in my hometown.

    iqbal_khan2_380Iqbal Khan (Rudra of Sanjog se Bani Sangini): I'd like to talk not about one but many teachers who influenced me during my growing years. Mr & Mrs Solomon, Mrs Samiksha, Mr Bickram & Mr Mohit Khanna who are all from different fields in the two schools I studied in Himachal Pradesh - LAWRENCE SCHOOL & PINEGROVE SCHOOL in Sanawar. Mr Bickram and Mohit were my fitness teachers. Mohit is now a cop in Australia and he’s my hero. I attended Mr & Mrs Solomon marriage & they’re like family to me. Samiksha and I share our birthdays on the same day and she would always get a huge cake to school with only 'Happy Birthday Iqbal' written on it. I call her maa bahen as she's just 15 years older than me but would look after me like a mother. She recently helped me shoot my short film at Pinegrove School. I love them all. Happy Teacher's Day to all!

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